Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post in a Rush

I can't believe I've let my blog get so far behind. Here it is Wednesday already!

To catch up in few words:

I've been busy doing the things I must so I'll be in order for the holidays.

I'm almost caught up to my plan of action.

It's cold here in Hometown, USA - much colder than usual.

Galloping Crud (what I call these combo respiratory/stomach virus thingies) is clearing up nicely but it's been a pain in - well, various places.

I have an exciting two weeks ahead beginning with Judy and family arriving on Saturday.

I miss you, my friends. Please don't forget me. I think of you all and hope all is well in your corners of the world.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Glad everything is ok in YOUR little corner of the world. Be well.

Cheryl said...

Have a great busy few weeks. We all get busy and need a break. Tonight is catch-up night for me. The busy times will soon be here. Will we really be decorating for Christmas soon?

Anonymous said...

We're still here. I haven't posted in many days, mainly because we are still working on building the gates for the fence we have put up. This is getting old, plus my Mom needs some assistance and I need to grocery shop before next week and I have guests coming for Thanksgiving. There is not enough hours in the day! So glad you are feeling better.

SOUL said...

aww who could forget you?

not i.

happy friday