Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas and Video

It seems that I have formed a habit of being a very, very bad blogger. One New Year resolution is to improve my recent track record. I hope my blogging friends haven't forgotten me.

Christmas 2008 was quieter than some past Christmases, but it was great. I didn't do a lot of decorating, didn't haul out the Christmas china, had simple food. (Lots of finger food, baked ham, various rolls and condiments, salad, boiled corn and fresh lemonade for the kids. There were a couple of "adult beverages," too.) I hope everyone enjoyed the day half as much as Harry and I did. If so the day was a great success.

I made a short slide show with captions on each picture. As you will see our day was casual - very casual.


Robbin said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas Mary, and we all fall into slow blogging from time to time, its ok, hoping you have a wonderful New Year too.

Cheryl said...

Very nice Mary. Cozy. Family.

I've been leisurely putting 'areas' away, so it hasn't been too stressful.

And you're not a bad blogger. Any kind of blogger is a good one.

WaterLearner said...

Happy New Year!!!!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

wierd, I was going to say the same thing too--that I've been gone and please forgive me!!

You're not a bad blogger though---you have a family..and us..and I like to know that you're out there even when we're not commenting! :)

Happy NeW Year!


happyone said...

You're not a bad blogger and of course we haven't forgotten you. :-)
I really enjoyed the slide show of your Christmas.
I didn't do much decorating this year either. I guess my excuse is that we will be moving next week. :-)
Happy New Year and may it bring you good health and continued happiness.