Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quiet Days

As I sat here thinking about how to begin writing an old jingle that I remember my dad singing sometimes on Saturday morning came to mind..........

OOOH, today is Saturday
Next day's Sunday
Ain't gotta work no more
'fore Monday, Whooo-ray.

I know, it's silly and I hadn't thought of it for years.

I know I'm getting old because most of the news I hear from family and friends is that some one has died or has an incurable something. Since Thanksgiving I lost a sister, a casual friend, a school mate who was a close friend during school years, and today I learned that a fellow that I worked with for several years has a terminal illness. I've come to the conclusion that the only thing worse than checking out early is being the last to go. Enough of the morbid.

Christmas shopping is history - all done. If I forgot anything, too bad. I've used all the hiding places and I don't have room for more. I really want to put up a tree but I think I'll just do other decorating this year and let the tree decorations rest. The local kids have children of their own so our Christmas will be presents for the children and a Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. We're not feeling "Humbug" just being practical. Monday we'll UPS Maddie's Christmas to Phoenix and the rest will stay quietly in their hiding places until Christmas Day.

Today I received something I've wanted for several years but never, ever thought I'd have - a top-o-the-line Onkyo sound system. Keith and Mary gave it to me. It's still like new but they've decided to go another route. I am so very proud of the system. Now my CD collection can perform on real equipment. The sound is unbelievable. Do you think that maybe Harry will dance with me since no one can see? I bet the kids will.

I hope to get Christmas cards in the mail on Monday but it'll probably be Tuesday. No excuses, I'm just being lazy.

Speaking of lazy, I think that I'll go to bed and try to sleep for a few hours. Wish me luck. See ya later.


SOUL said...

hiya mary--

you're already finished shopping-- and my lazy self hasn't even started :P
ugh... we just got our tree up tonight. actually, i didn't even do much of that. the rest of the soul-clan did it. i piddled around a little bit with some other things, but not much.
(speakin of the tree -- i was just called away for photographer duty-- pix will be up tomorrrow)

and speakin of pix-- guess what else i did today? -- i caught you a delicious bass :} yup-- i almost didn't even go down there when we got to the pond, cuz it was so windy-- hubby talked me into it tho and i went-- i was glad i did. :))

anyhow-- happy about your new stereo--- tell harry he better dance with with you-- or the sistah posse will be comin after him :))

hope you get some good rest tonight--

happyone said...

I've just mailed off the last of my Christmas cards this afternoon.
Sounds like your all set for Christmas.
Have a Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary: Glad you got the new sound system. ..I am sure the handsom Harry Hooper ,along with Jesse and James will be most acommodating when it comes to cutting the rug with you. Beside who would not want to dance with one of the sweetest ladies know to all of mankind....yea baby, Ricky

Cheryl said...

How wonderful to receive a gift that you've always wanted. You deserve it!

Too much bad news. Surround yourself with your family. Live your life the best you can. Take time to relax. Enjoy a less-stressful holiday. I like the idea of the ornaments resting.

jAMiE said...

Hello Mary..

I hope you get some rest.

It's sad to think about people passing, etc..i know it's been a tough year, i hope getting together with your family and loved ones lifts your spirits.

I need to get into the spirit, have all my shopping to do, putting it on, this tooth and chemo has been a real pain, literally.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Visit again soon.

Brad said...

If Harry won't dance with you tell him you have a suitor in Seattle waiting in the wings.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh I bet your music sounds WONDERFUL. Nothing I love better than to snuggle down and listen to some really good music....especially the kind that brings good memories with it.
I'm not doing a tree either...just putting the small table top ones up. They have sentimental attachments with them...and they make me smile. Sending hugs your way...slow down and enjoy the season. xxoo

Jamie said...

I think I am all caught up with you sounds like things have been rough for you. I know how that can be and I hope that the happy times are on their way back to you quickly.

Yea for the new sound system! I'll bet Harry will dance with you.

Hugs friend.

(Jamie - simonsays) :)