Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Eve of Christmas Eve

The eve of Christmas Eve!! I'm almost ready to line-up and fire this event. I have a short trip to the grocery to pick up the fresh veggies. That will be my last venture into the wild world of shopping until after the excitement that's on the way to our house.

I've been lax in writing but it's not for lack of thinking of each and every one of my blogging friends. Time passes with blogs written only in my mind. I'm just lazy, I guess.

There's nothing new other than the stuff that Santa left here for the little ones. Our family made the decision to only buy gifts for the children. The grown-up's gifts to each other is the love and support we give each other all year long. We'll have our gathering on Christmas afternoon starting around 2 p.m. and lasting until everyone is ready to return home and pass out from too much food and excitement.

I have a reputation for always being "outside the box" and this year our Christmas tree is no exception. I thought of all the bright colors, excitement, and noise and decided to have a calm and quiet tree. That's when my "outside the box" side kicked in. Below is a picture of my version of a serene, peaceful Christmas tree. It doesn't look like a tree at all but it'll be on the table where the Christmas feast is spread. If I don't get overwhelmed, I'll snap a shot of the loaded table.

Thanks to my photographer, Harry, who shot the picture above with his fancy new camera and put it in a frame using Gimp, which is a complicated editing program. I don't do photography at all - I'm lucky to be able to just take a picture.

May each and everyone have a happy but peaceful Christmas or Hanukkah.


Tee said...

I love it! You should see our tree, it was one I had made for my husband's mother while she was in the nursing home. It takes all of give minutes to take the plastic covering off it and place it on the end table in the den. It takes all of five minutes to cover it up and return it to the attic after Christmas. Didn't you know, the older you get the smaller your Christmas tree gets. LOL!

Tee said...

That "give" should be "five".

happyone said...

That picture is beautiful.
We are only giving gifts to the grandkids too this year.
Thanks for the card!
I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
Tell James Merry Christmas for me. :-)

Cheryl said...

That is outside the box! Simplified. I'm not entertaining, and it feels weird. I did it all early. My Christmas and Eve will be very quiet.

Thank you for your card!

Smocha said...

It's lovely!

You should see my tree, it's invisible. LOL
So are the presents.

Take lots of pics ! I know you will have a happy time.


Summer said...

Merry Christmas to you both!

Jamie said...

My gosh Mary - that is beautiful! I love your outside the box thinking...but then again, why wouldn't I? YOU are just special all the way around.

I hope your holidays were awesome!

Happy Sunday...and big, big hugs to you.