Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home for Sunday

Sunday morning and all is well. We spent the night Friday night in the hotel where the reef club meeting/swap was being held. Yesterday (Saturday) was the event. We drove home afterward and got here in the late evening. This was the first event for the Montgomery club. It was one of the smaller that we've attended but it was well organized and well attended. The meeting room was the best we've seen. It was a pleasure to meet this group of reefers.

Harry and I were two tired old farts but a good night's sleep fixed that problem. Now it's time to check the treat cabinet. There is a shortage of KitKat's and Pizza Pringles and I must fill that void. I must because I promised.

The boys will have lots to tell us today. The school fall festival was Saturday and they will be full of "Guess what" and "Did you know" and "Can we make a (many blanks to fill in here)." They will want to make/build everything they saw. At least it won't be, "Go buy."

Gotta get at least some of the clutter out of the way. It'll be good to see all the kids. I wish everyone a happy Sunday afternoon and a pleasant week ahead.


Brad said...

OK, I know this is bad and prob'ly not original. But they really need to call the next event Reefer Madness.

SOUL said...

haha reefer madness. :))

mary how's your week so far? hope it's good.
well, it;s over--so i guess i hope it was good, and another good will follow-