Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leaks and Bad Knee

Not having my best days but at least they aren't the worst. My knee is on a real rampage but I'm trying to ease along and get past having to walk with a cane. I had a pretty serious injury several years ago and the knee was one of the casualties. It doesn't take much to really set it off. I have all the appropriate meds for the situation so it'll just take time. Harry has two old gals to take care of now - Kitty and me. He surely is a good sport about it all. I have to tell you something he said this morning. In answer to his question about how my knee is this morning I told him that at least I could get it into position (while sitting) and have some almost pain free time if I didn't move. He told me to go sit on the potty and he'd give me a bell to ring if I need anything. That way I wouldn't have to move. He promised that he'd bring my meals to me. Do you think that maybe he'd like to file me away for a while? Life at this house may get tedious at times but humor is always lurking around the corner.

Keith went under the house this morning to see just how bad the condensation line (from central unit) really is and how much damage it has caused. He took the camera with him and made pictures. There is no doubt that there is a leak and that it is significant. However, even though the subfloor is wet it isn't rotted. The pictures make that clear. We think that the folks who removed the underfloor insulation caused the problem. The drain line is pulled loose and laying on the ground and raised at the point it should drain. That's been only a short time so we believe that correcting this and a shop fan to aid in the drying process should solve the problem. I'm going to let the contractor give me his estimate for correcting the problem and see what happens. He lead me to believe I had a major structural problem and said he'd be back the first of the week with a detailed estimate. This will tell just how honest he is. Little does he know that I'm not a total dunce when it comes to construction. My father was an architect and had a construction company, too. I learned some things just by being present at the dinner table. Thanks to Keith, I no longer believe the house will fall down during the night. All I can say is, "Even this will pass away." (...and I no longer think it'll cost $20K plus)

This day isn't all bad. My knee is telling me that it's time for meds. Gotta go. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fun weekend and look for the silver lining - I think there's one there somewhere.


happyone said...

Glad to hear the damage isn't as bad as you thought. It will be interesting to see how "honest" that guy is.

Hope your knee is better soon.

I really like reading Francis Parkinson Keyes books. I've read two and will read all the ones they have at the library.

Brad said...

That is good news about the water - hopefully this project will right itself and get on track now.