Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a Note

It is Wednesday, isn't it? Where does time go? From my stand point, time just melts away.

When the central unit leak was discovered we decided to turn it off until repairs are made. Temps have been fairly comfortable and we have windows open. Last night I woke up to a bird chirping just outside the window beside my bed. There is a large fig tree out there where Mr. Bird was perched. He apparently decided that it would be appropriate to serenade me. Thanks pal! It's been a while since I listened to night sounds and I'd forgotten how relaxing it can be. I'm a country girl at heart. No surprises there. Right?

Nothing much happening here. I'm so wrapped up in being concerned about all the work I need to do and the short time I have to finish it that it's hard to think about much else. I know it's a pain to read about home repairs and that's about all I can deal with right now. I remember you, my blog friends, think of you often, and wonder what you are doing. Are you well? Are you happy? What's happening in your world?


Cheryl said...

HI Mary,
I'm like you and get totally wrapped up in my current project. I'm so glad the painting is done. And the things I have to balance? Pitiful stuff. Catching up on reading my friend's blogs and feeling a lot of guilt. Keeping up with Facebook, oh why did I start that? Writing in Twitter when I remember. Trying to find time to read. And now that I bought that iPhone? All I want to do is play with it, and I don't understand most of it. I've been so sore I haven't swam and I feel like I'll have a hard time getting back. Oh, this isn't MY soapbox? Sorry. I'm just saying I understand. Even if I'm away, I'll catch up. It might just be 'Just a Note' too. I like the visual of the bird outside your window. A little blessing. Enjoy this day!

Cheryl said...

PS...I just read about your knee. Is it any better? And Harry, he is funny.

Mary said...

Hi, Cheryl, The bird outside my window would be much prettier had he not woke me up. It was a blessing - I needed to get an early start.

The knee will take a while to really heal. I have a prescription if the pain is too bad - it's not a major issue today. Who knows about tomorrow. No matter, in the whole scope of things all is well. At my age you just learn to deal with whatever hurts.

Brad said...

Good Morning Dear-
It ok to get wrapped up in real life. Just don't let it take away from your playtime!

I'm doing good. We've been working on the new office on the weekends so that's a big time suck. Jay got his billy goat and he's been in the barn with the girls for about 2 weeks now. The was a bust of 'energy' there for a while but everyones calmed down now leading us to think Billy's done his job. The billy goats name is Dirty Deeds from the old ac/dc song. He was named by the prior owner. We refer to him as Mr. Deeds, and it seems as if he's done his...we should have kids come March!
Take care of your self & have fun!


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Hi sounds like you had some peaceful sleeping? Am I to assume?

Things are "okay" nothing more nothing less over here--could be better could be worse..

Enjoy the nice weather, it has been wonderful, hasn't it?


rhymes with future.

email if you wanna. :)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

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SOUL said...

we used to have a fig tree in our back yard in our old house we lived in before we moved to NM this last time.
the birds ate every darn fig off of it to. i am so not a plant or tree or fruit person. i would have loved to have the figs from that tree-- but out of the (i think) four years we lived there-- the birds beat me every time!

anyhow-- as for what i been up to? i just updated, so i will spare you the pain of a rerun. it's all at my place. :))
don't bother if ya don't have lotsa time tho.. i kinda got carried away again. (sigh)

hope your knee gets better fast.

latah bebe`

Anonymous said...

Mary, I know exactly what you are saying about trying to get all those probject done!!! We are in the process of putting our fence back up after the highway widening project got the chain link THREE years ago. They are just finishing the project and we now know where the right-of-way is going to be and where our driveway is going to be and the lay of the land, so we have the fence posts up and half of the wire up. I'm painting the back side of the boards before we put them over the wire fence and I'll paint the front after the wood had dried more. There are always projects to be done. Will we ever get caught up? We also need to paint the outside of our house, but neither of us wants to climb to the second story to paint. We both are afraid of heights. LOL!