Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Fever Rules

Soul, the picture below isn't my actual arbor, but it's the same pattern. Mine backs to a fence and will support a thornless climbing rose. It's large enough to hold the hummingbird feeders and also a small bench can sit inside. (My arbor is a little deeper than this one.) Rain and more rain interrupted construction.It's another cloudy morning that doesn't support an upbeat mood. I just have to shake it off, put on a smile, and make it a happy day here in our little nest. Sarah is doing OK and being a proper mommy-to-be. She doesn't complain but I know she's uncomfortable. Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers for her and the baby's well being.

I wish I had something exciting, interesting, or strange to write about but I really don't. It's called spring fever, isn't it?

Time to begin prep for gathering day. I'm really looking forward to it. The boys will chase my clouds away.


Lena said...

Hi Mary,

I just wanted to say Hi. I stop by now and again. Great blog you have here.

Every Sunday, my family gathers at my parent's house for Sunday dinner, a lot like your gatherings. Been doing that my whole life long. It is a special tradition.

I will keep Sarah and baby in my thoughts and prayers as well.


SOUL said...

that's what i thought it looked like-- sort of-- doesn't it have another name?? trussle-- ??? no that's not it.. there's another word for it-- or something similar to it. help me out here.

anyhow-- i like it-- and it will be too cool when it's finished!
can't wait to see yours.
thanks for the pic...
have a great day with the boys and family--

whatcha eatin?
you know i'm hungry right?

i MUST go grocery shopping today-- i have put it off wayyyy too long.

happy sunday!

Mary said...

Welcome, Lena. Thanks for the compliment. I'll visit your blog this evening.

Soul, are you thinking about a trellis?

Brad said...

Good morning dear - it's a fine sunny day here in Seattle - Hope you have a peacefull Sunday

Happyone said...

I like the arbor!!
When it's rainy outside I like to put on lots of lights in the house and make my own sun!
Enjoy your Sunday.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

that's a fantastic idea to hang hummingbird feeders on them!

I will have your family in my deepest thoughts..with strong strength too!

Gods blessings,

Summer said...

Have you had the bad, bad weather I've seen on TV this weekend?

Mary said...

Summer, we had rain, and a little wind but the real problems missed us. To the north and south of us there was terrible storms.

Everyone: Sarah is doing OK. She was getting cabin fever so her parents brought her over for a short while. The swelling is really doing a number on her but she is resting most of the time. It's my opinion that she isn't out of the woods yet, but keep in mind that's only my opinion. I won't sleep easy until this is over.

SOUL said...

yes! a trellis!
now i have to go look for one to see if it's what i was thinkin of.
what a rock i am. :((

happy monday--and thanks!

SOUL said...

close enough-- :))