Thursday, November 8, 2007

Low energy - High Expectations

Thursday is spent and Friday looms ahead. Today was golf day but I only rode in the cart and enjoyed the day. Just didn't feel up to playing. We went to my favorite little course, Harvest Hills. It's a short course but it does challenge your short game. Enough about golf.

Christmas in on the radar and I need to devote time to getting ready for the holidays. All the kids will be here except for our daughter and her family. They are in Phoenix and won't travel back for the holidays. We'll miss them. We'll especially miss having the granddaughter here to round out our group of little ones. It's enough, though, to know that they are well and happy and that they can be with her husband's family. (Judy, if you read this: Papa H. (at the nursery) sends a big HELLO)

The landscaper should get the trees in the ground tomorrow. We'll see if that happens. Anyway, I've done about all that can be done in the yard before spring. It's time to leave the yard to old man winter and move inside. I won't be bored - still things to do and places to go.

Everyone, I'm just plain boring tonight. I best say have a wonderful evening and a sound night of sleep. I'm off to rest and try to replenish my store of energy.


Anonymous said...

I Finally came in off the road after a stink to mink tour of southern Cal this week. Been from Calexico to Beverly Hills and a whole bunch of other places in between. Going to take off tomarrow to lay around, lick my wounds and hit the pavement on Monday. Still having more fun than any human being should be allowed to have. Can hardly wait to see ya this month kid. Stay out of trouble until I get. Bye for now there............

Cheryl said...

I think I'm boring; I never think you are. Have a good Friday!