Friday, November 23, 2007

Old Man Winter is On His Way

The day after turkey day has been calm. No pressure to meet any schedule - just Harry and me rattling around from room to room. Left overs were good and all is quiet in our little world. Rumor has it that temps will drop into the 20's tonight. That's a significant change from the 60's. We'll just curl up and let the world come to us.

We didn't brave the Black Friday crowds today but I did some on-line shopping. I've learned to appreciate that option. Based on local news, there was a mad rush at shopping centers, at discount stores, and especially at electronic speciality stores. If all goes as planned I'll have my Christmas gifts bought and in-house by the end of first week in December. The big craft show here is Dec 7-9. I always enjoy going and will again this year but won't be looking for specific items to give as gifts. I'll just browse and maybe buy something for myself if I find something unique. Thank you, God, for retirement.

Our next big day is Sunday. It's gathering day and Ricky will be here in the afternoon. It will be an especially exciting day. The grandsons are looking forward to having Cousin Ricky play with them. He'll spice up our gathering with stories about life in and around San Diego. He and his wife have two daughters and 5 granddaughters. He's out numbered 8 to 1 and loves every minute of being the 'Man of the House'.

I wish I had something really exciting, funny, or shocking to share with you, my readers, but I'm at a loss. Time to quit rambling and think about getting comfy and curling up with Harry to watch TV or read.


Cheryl said...

Enjoy your Saturday! It is chilly out there! A good day to stay inside.

Jamie said...

Mary, the lack of excitment sounds perfectly wonderful to me! I like the idea of a good book, and a warm man to curl up next fact, I may just do the same!

I have visited here before through Soul's blog, and I will be back!

Have a good weekend, and a very special day tomorrow!

SOUL said...

hiya mary---
sounds like a plan to me----
in fact i am home finally--and in my soul bed--already! too bad i'm alone. :(( but it is only ooooh 444 at the time. seems i note that time quite often lately. 333 and 444. odd eh?

want an easy cheesy recipe for your get togethers?? we had it on Thanksgiving at mom in laws...

jalepeno jelly (if you can't buy it there, order some online)
and cream cheese

serve with triscuits or wheat thins (or whatever)
man it's yummy!!!

i would mix it all together... but she wouldn't cuz when she had it "they" didn't do it that she just dumped the jelly on top of the cream cheese.

so either way, i'm sure it's good!

see ya latah!

Mary said...

Thanks, Soul. I have an unopened jar of Jalepeno jelly in the pantry. This will be a good addition to round out the ever-ready snack platter. I'm so glad you're home. I missed you.

SOUL said...

ahhhh so THAT'S how you made it on the fly!!!

it is good tho huh?
glad you liked it.
we did too.
in fact i picked up some jelly in i could make it here...after the belly calms down. :))