Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This is My World Today

We're having a beautiful day in north Alabama. It's a bit cool - 52 to quote the thermometer but the sun is warm. These are my favorite days. Our infamous squirrel is being a bad boy again. He dug under Harry's outdoor bonsai but luckily the plant wasn't damaged. If I could catch the little brat I'd transport him to the mountain but that would probably be a bad move this time of year. He wouldn't have a winter store of food, no source of stolen food, and besides all that he'd be a stranger in a strange land. Remember he does have his own food source he just likes being a bandit. The grass is always greener and all that jazz.

I'm feeling like a real person today so I hope the flare has flown. With any luck it won't happen again for months. My lazy streak is still with me, though, and I surely need to drive it away. I'd be so happy if I could be outside with a blanket, a lounge chair, and a good book. The neighbors would talk about how crazy I am but who cares what the neighbors think? Not me! I'm collecting my stash of books for winter much like the little animals are collecting food. So far I have five and am trying to find specific titles by a favorite writer. Alibris is helping me locate them. When I cross the great rainbow bridge my cache of books will be a real find for someone. Please note that I have no plans to cross that bridge until I'm at least 105 .

Harry is getting a BIG shipment of reef critters (not coral) via FedEx in the morning. A few of his reef buddies will come to help make the critters comfortable in the tanks and take some of them home for their own reefs. Our reefs are doing well and growing like - well, like weeds. Harry is now selling frags (starts of coral) locally and on the Internet. He has several really colorful specimens that are hard to find especially if the collector is interested in tank grown rather than wild caught coral. He shipped two rather large shipments yesterday and has made several shipments in the past two weeks. Wild coral reefs are in distress almost world wide and shouldn't be subjected to harvest.

Harry just called my attention to the snow fall happening in Michigan, Ohio, and Penn. Get ready, 'cause here winter comes. I didn't realize snow was happening already. I'm sure we won't see any but this may indicate the start of a cold winter. If we get a share of the cold weather maybe it'll be gentle.

So goes life in our little corner of the world. Hope your corner of the world is treating you like royalty.


SOUL said...

sounds good in mary and harry land.

you really didn't have to mention cold, did you?
i am not ready for winter.

not at all.

c ya

Cheryl said...

Glad to hear things are well in your part of the world. I liked the visual of being wrapped in blankets. on a lounge chair with a good book. My neighbors couldn't see me if I did that.

Any chance you could post pictures of the reef tank?

'See you' tomorrow!

Mary said...

Soul: Cold here is not anything like Chicago. It's not so bad and doesn't last as long.

Cheryl: Yes, I can post pictures of both tanks. I'll take new ones after the new critters get settled in - that should be in time for my post tomorrow.

Summer said...

I had this nutty friend who was always wrapped up in mental health issues and I made the mistake of telling her that I suffered from depression in the winter months. She told me to take my electric blanket and lay in a lounge chair facing the sun for an hour or so one very cold winter day. I didn't do it, because I thought my neighbors might think I had gone over the edge and when you're depressed, everything seems like way too much work. But when I think of it now, it makes me smile.

Summer said...

btw...what are you having a flare of?