Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Little Princess

Let me introduce our one and only granddaughter. In this picture she's approx 8 months old and we learned last evening that she's now crawling. She lives with her mommy and daddy in Phoenix. They don't get to be part of our Sunday gatherings but we always think of them when we're together. We wish they could be here to eat, laugh, and swap stories of the week just past. We know that she's the star of the show at her Phoenix grandparents house - and she should be.

I had great plans to accomplish miracles today and beat a few items off my to-do-list. Great plans have a way of turning into little fizzles. Long story made short, that's what happened to my day. I needed some notes to make a phone call and spent a looooooong time looking for them. Would you believe they were in the last place I looked? Right in the file where I put them. No excuses other than being more than a little disorganized.

Tomorrow is Harry's day to go to the driving range to hit golf balls. Before he leaves I hope to get him to help me move a heavy sofa to the middle of the room so I can begin cleaning windows. There's lots more to move but I can handle those things. The youngest grandson will be with me in the morning so this should be fun. The first part of this operation is to remove screens and use the water hose with an attachment to clean the outside of the sunroom windows and then wash the screens. I know I'll need help holding the hose so it's great that the 4 year old will be here to help me. This family loves teamwork.

Harry just called me outside to see the crescent moon. It's beautiful but our camera - which was new almost 7 years ago - doesn't capture a night sky very well. Maybe we should start considering a new camera - suggestions anyone?

I'm going to watch TV with Harry for a bit and then call it a day. Tomorrow promises to be a full day and I'm looking forward to being a major part of it. Until we meet again - Happy Trails to You.


Cheryl said...

Your granddaughter is just beautiful, that's clear to see. It must be so hard to have them far away. The sister I'm closest to lives 600 miles away. The rest live less than 30 minutes from me.

I'm impressed with your window and screen project. Very impressed. I'll be lucky to clean my storm door and kitchen windows for the holidays.

Judy said...

I am so very Proud that you put her picture up. I do wish we were closer and could be apart of Sundays. We miss you guys.

C.A. said...

Oh Mary, your grandaughter is beautiful. I bet you miss her and the rest of the family so much! My sister and her family are coming in on Saturday from South Carolina, and I'll get to see my niece and nephew for the first time since April. I can't imagine having a grandchild that far away.

As far as the camera goes...Kodak makes a VERY good, yet simple to function model that takes BEAUTIFUL pictures easily. (Most of my pictures on my blog have been taken with a Kodak digital camera). If you want more detail, let me know.

Hugs to you for posting daily. I so enjoy reading about your life.


SOUL said...

it seems most people do find things in the last place that they look. odd eh?
beautiful little girl.
i bet it is hard to be away from her.
anyhow..hope you have a great day