Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Old Floks at Home

It's Sunday night and the old folks are home enjoying a quiet interlude after our afternoon with the kids. As usual, Sunday was fun and all the gang was here. I made the usual green salad, and a big pot of home made chili. There were oyster crackers, grated cheese, sour cream, and onion for garnish on the chili, and chocolate silk pie for desert. It was a simple meal but no one left hungry. It makes me proud when everyone eats heartily and compliments the cook. I'm thankful for the bounty of this day.

I did something with the grandsons that I haven't done before. They were so hyper and about to get into trouble for being too loud and silly. I called them to go to the living room with me away from the laughing and talking in the family room. I sat one on each side of me and put an arm around each boy. I had them lean on me and close their eyes. They cooperated because they were intrigued by the new turn of events. We breathed deeply, relaxed, and pictured ourselves in a green meadow with a stream and flowers. Then we each of took turns telling what we were picturing. They were so into the moment and added really neat things to our picture. A pink bird, a puppy, a tall tree with a tree house, and on and on. It calmed them and settled the confusion. I used a different form of this game with my sons and sometimes when they'd had a bad day they would ask for a 'story.'

Our quiet interlude is coming to an end. It's bed time and I hope I can sleep tonight. Hope everyone is resting and looking forward to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, now there's another story . . . for another time.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

oooh!!! Sour Cream on chili, that's a good idea!

I'm glad that you had a very good weekend, and btw..what beautiful little guys..the one has the look of an adorable dickens..

Cheryl said...

Sounds like your usual wonderful Sunday with your favorite people. Enjoy this day!