Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Evening.

Below is the only picture that I have ready to be uploaded. Ricky (on left) and my son, Keith, talking at the kitchen table after dinner last evening. These are two fun men - both are handsome, too. I think I may have mentioned that I'm in the process of re-doing the kitchen. It's a slow process and the holidays have overtaken me. I'll live with the uncovered light switch and funky phone set up until until to men folk go to the Gulf coast for their boys-weekend-fishing. Then I'll have time to take care of a lot of the little undone stuff.

It's time go get dinner on the table. The natives are hungry. My best to everyone. Until later......


C.A. said...

So nice to SEE Ricky and your son at the table! I bet you guys are having a ball!

Enjoy your time!


SOUL said...

finally some faces to put with the names....
they never seem to fit.

anyhow---what'dya eat???
i couldn't find anything...so i'm sittin here eatin graham crackers. first time in YEARS. wonder why. i like em. just never seem to buy them, but i got some yesterday. on a whim. just thought i'd share that with ya. :))

happy humpday!

Michelle said...

Have a great visit!