Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Music Recital Weekend Up Coming

My plan to wash windows was dashed by rain and bad weather in general. It was semi-nice this afternoon but I had other things on my agenda than the windows. As I type I can hear the distant rumble of thunder - a storm is moving this way. Our temps have been in the mid 70's today and a cold front is moving in. This will be a storm with hail, lightening and lots of boom booms. I'm sure Mr Wind will take part, too.

Both our grandsons are in a music program called "Early Childhood Music". The oldest started when he was 18 months and the younger when he was not yet 14 months. They can both sing the scale pretty well. . .However, the youngest has trouble with "la" but the other notes are fairly clear. This Saturday is their holiday recital. The oldest will play a simple version of "Happy Birthday Jesus" on the piano. The youngest will be playing rhythm and singing something that he says has to be a surprise. They are 4 and 5 now.

That brings back memories of when my oldest son was graduating from preschool. The graduation program was over and the superintendent asked if anyone had anything they needed to say before we moved on to church service. Of course she was talking to the adults. My oldest, Joe, (4 years old) stood up and said that he needed to say something. The superintendent told him to come to the front and tell everyone what he wanted to say. That child - MY child walked to the stage, took the mic and proceeded to sing a full rendition of "Casey Jones" loud and clear. (His father slipped out the back door but I had to stay and face the situation.) When he was through everyone was gracious enough to smile and "give him a hand." Everyone with small children take note: You never know what your child will do or say next. Just love 'em and enjoy 'em.

On that note I'll close. Tomorrow is another day. My best to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary Ruth your story of Joe is classic.I remember when my younger brother Bobby and I sang the Davy Crocket King of the wild frontier song at a super market opening in our nieghbor hood.We won a bunch of groceries.It was in the early sixties. I cant remember if we were good or if they just felt sorry for us. Mom never let us live that one down.And of course as the years went by the story of the event got bigger and better in true mom style. Really miss that raskel. See you all soon.Once again stay out of trouble until I get there, I dont want to miss any thing.....

C.A. said...

Mary, that story made me laugh out loud before seven in the morning, and that's a hard task to accomplish!

Thanks for that...and for always commenting with kind, supportive words on my own blog! :)