Saturday, November 17, 2007

Music Recitals Went Well

Here they are - the stars of our show. Both did a great job with their recital pieces. The theme of this program was Christmas Around the World. The boys represented Hawaii. The older boy played "Happy Birthday, Jesus" (a simple piano version) and the younger played drum and sang with the rhythm line. The kids all had to introduce themselves, tell their age and what they are performing. After they perform they come to stage front and bow. The audience is large so it is daunting but the boys did fine.

This music program was developed in Muscle Shoals and is being franchised world wide. The boys are lucky to be in classes taught by the husband and wife team who developed this wonderful music program. We wish our Little Princess (granddaughter) could be in this program, too. She will be old enough (18 months) in less than a year. It won't be long before we'll have another grandbaby to prepare for this program.

After the music program Harry and I stopped at Books-a-Million. I bought the new release by Donald McCaig, Rhett Butler's People. Curiosity got the best of me. I also bought a couple of Dick and Jane first readers. The oldest grandson and I will start with these books next week.

While at the book store I noticed the "Sweet Potato Queens" books. I've read all of them - they are funny to me but would cause some of the more refined Southern Bells to purse their lips and leave the room with a flounce. I guess you could say the Queens are a bit on the trashy side. I saw their parade in Jackson, MS a few years ago and laughed until I cried. I even thought about petitioning to join their society. I think they would be lots more fun than the Red Hats. If you see these at least read a few pages you might find something to laugh about or an idea for future use.

Now that you've been given an insight into my sense of humor I think I'll close for now. Happy rest of the weekend to you all.


Michelle said...

Look at those handsome little guys! They are precious. It is so good that they are learning music so young.

I really like your blog and it sounds like we have a lot in common. I love to read also. I will have to check out those books.

Have a fun weekend!:)


SOUL said...

they are sooooo cute! i bet it was great to see them up there all little on a big ole stage.
good night

Summer said...

Your heart swelled didn't it?

SOUL said...

just makin my rounds....
hope you are well
in m-n-h land