Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sinking Time and Happy Memories

Wow, we've laughed, played, talked, told stories, eaten, slept (a little) and had loads of fun. It's all over. Remember how you felt as a child when your Christmas gifts were all opened, your tummy was full of candy and maybe a little good stuff, and everyone had gone home or was resting quietly. It was a real sinking time for me. That's how I feel this afternoon. Ricky is on his way to Atlanta to visit other family members and then he'll go back to California and his usual life. Remember his 40th anniversary is the day after he gets home. Claudia, his wife, is a really sweet lady and a good sport. After all she was glad for her husband to visit family while she stayed home and cared for two of their grandchildren. Thanks you so much, Claudia.

Being raised as an only child of older parents often left me feeling lonesome much of the time. I think that's why these family visits are so important to me. They are a dream made real. I think I said before that the three sisters and one brother were all grown, married, and had families of their own before I was born. Mother was 45 and father was 58. I'm a generation out of sync. Many of my nieces and nephews are older than I. I have several great, great nieces and nephews. The good news is that I'm not my own grandma. ;-)

Below is a picture of my one remaining sister, Beatrice. She is 91 years young and has a mind clearer than mine. She is another member of my family who lives in California. I just hope I'm as lively and bright when I'm 70.

Moving along: We have lots of leftovers in the frig so no cooking tonight. Instead Harry and I will graze our way through corned beef, chili, various veggies (especially raw), cookies, honey cake, and who knows what else. I don't believe we'll go hungry even though there's no baked pineapple, ice cream, or HOT jelly snacks (grandson named them) to be found.


Cheryl said...

Things must be so much quieter, and I feel badly that your family has left. Fortunately, Sunday will be here and you'll be surrounded by family again. How interesting that your siblings were so much older than you. The picture of your sister...did you mean to say she's 70? She can't be 91.

I love reading blogs and seeing the circle of friends we've made. I feel like saying hello to everyone I know that visits here. Isn't it great? People who don't blog have no idea of what they're missing.

Mary said...

Cheryl, Beatrice is 91. No typeo. Sometime in the future I'll post a picture of my father's sister at 100. I look at their pictures and can't believe it myself. I just hope I look half that good when I'm 70. Believe me, it's really confusing to be out of sync with the family's generations. You don't really fit anywhere.

Cheryl said...

You should see me trying to do my math! Your sister looks wonderful for her age. Now I'm interested to know more. Were you a woops baby?

Mary said...

Yes, and some folks weren't the least bit amused!

Summer said...

I'm glad you had a good time. And I'm with Cheryl...91????

Hey thanks for coming by and worrying about me. I guess my life sounds worrisome to everyone, but it's almost as if I'm used to it now and I just go on. Not without some grumbling tho.

Cheryl said...

Your comment to me made me laugh! My brother, 6 years younger than the youngest, calls himself the woops baby, which he was. Fortunately, he was the first son after 3 daughters. My parents were so pleased. He's always been the chosen one. Everyone knows it.

Happyone said...

Your sister looks great!! Good for her!! Is she still active?
I'm an only child and it never bothered me. I have a very close friend who I've known my whole life and I feel as if we are sisters. :-)
I grew up with LOTS of cousins though. My mom is one of 7.

SOUL said...

hot jelly snacks... kudos grandboy!

and wow to your sis. do you see her very often?
you are fortunate to have a (wth is the word i'm lookin for???)
long lifeline?


anyhow... most my family has died well before 70..including both parents, 2 uncles... that i know of.. several aunts..many i didn't remember but a few i did and miss. shit---i'm bloggin in your box

guess i'll save MY geneology for MY page. :))

yep--sundays just around the corner and you get to do it all over again....better order some "hot jelly"!!!

rest up---you'll need the energy.