Saturday, December 8, 2007

. . And They're Off

The men folks are on their way for their guy's holiday - fishing on the coast. They left our house with big grins on their faces and a let's get going attitude. I called the girls to invite them to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant on Sunday. It's all arranged and everyone is happy.

I'm going out to pick up new shelf paper and turn tables. This afternoon everything comes out of the pantry and order will reign - at least until the man of the house gets back. The fridge and freezer are on my list, too. This evening I'll curl up with my books, a cup of tea (or two), invite kitty to join me, and we two girls will have a purring good evening. Rain is predicted so it should be perfect.

Take care and enjoy the day.


Summer said...


SOUL said...

can i have some of your energy?
or tea?
yep, i'm blog beggin :))

Mary said...

Tea = Ginger

Energy = Low

Come on over.

Judy said...

I wish we were there. Rick could go bond with the men folk and Maddie and I could play with the Girls and the Boys!!!

Mary said...

Judy, we wish you were here, too. I talked to our fishermen earlier and they are having a ball! They are rearing to go. The girls and boys are looking forward to tomorrow. Maddie is big enough now to enjoy the boys and begin to play with them.

We're having pleasant weather here. How about Phoenix?

Happyone said...

I hope you enjoyed your evening with your book.
Glad to hear you get the day off and will be going out to dinner. Enjoy!!

Jamie said...

Yes, we will be doing the same thing this evening!