Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year 2007 is Fast Fading

Today is the last Sunday gathering of 2007. Everyone was here. We ate home made taco salads and then we all watched the ultrasound video of the new baby. It's unbelievable how detailed those scans have gotten to be. Doctor says everything looks perfect. We could even see the four chambers of the baby's heart. I can confirm the rumors that we're having a boy. Ain't no doubt about that. Sarah is doing so well. She is positively glowing and Buddy is, too. They will be model parents. We are so excited. The little ones watched the video, too. The oldest was concerned that Aunt Sarah might find all that wiggling around painful. We reassured him that it wasn't and then he was OK with the event. The youngest just kept saying, "WOW!!" and looking at Aunt Sarah's tummy. His big questions were, "Is a baby boy really in there? Can he hear me? When will he be done?"

Everyone has plans for New Years Eve. The old folks plan to be just that - Old Folks. I'd like to go out until I try to decide where I'd like to go. It's then I realize that there's no place like home. So home it is. New Years day will be spent at home as well. The two married sons and daughters-in-law want to spend the day together at their homes. The unmarried son has three or places he intends to visit. He never tells all - I guess that's a good thing. We probably don't want to know.

I'm not making New Years Resolutions. I'd just break them and then feel like I failed myself. I can think of a few I should make, but that's another story. No use going there this evening. What are your resolutions? I'd love to hear all about them.

I'm fast turning into the proverbial pumpkin. Good Night to all.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary Ruth,finally got some what caught up with both work and the day to day domestic stuff. its great to have a few moments of extra time to review your blog. The armor Joe put together for the boys is unbelievable. Had no idea that his talents extended to the art of crafting metal in that fasion. In the event you do make it out to our fine city of Pasadena one of these years for the Rose Parade,you and Harry mat want Joe to fit you kids with a set.The last time Claudia,her dad,me and our two girls went was when former Pres. Ford was the grand Marshall. We did not need armor that year because the security was great.Our family friend was part of the security provided by the LA County Sheriffs horse mounted patrol. Now days a good dose of dicernment and street smarts goes along way in LA county.I'll be in LA next week after the crowds pass and hopfully the weather will hold for some good down town high rise bldg shots.This maybe one of the last opportunities I have to photograph from the roof top of the 14 story old bank bldg at 8th and Broaday. This project has been one of my favorites do to the historical significants.I truley hope that you, your family and all the kids in blogland have a wonderful content relaxind day with thier loved one and that all is safe. Love ya kid....Ricky

Happyone said...

A baby boy! How exciting!
We are staying home for New Years Eve too.
No resolutions for me - I just try to live every day with a happy and postive atittude and take one day at a time.
I wish for you and your whole family a blessed New Year!!