Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's a Big Sunny Day

As the oldest grandson said this morning, "Nana, It's a big sunny day." He is correct. The boys were here for a little while this morning and I was so glad to see them. They and their dad decided to let their mom sleep in. Dad was taking the children to a little cafe for breakfast and they were talking about what they would order. I was listening and heard the oldest say, "I don't like green eggs and ham." To which the younger said, "I like whatever they have if it's breakfast stuff." By being quiet and listening I hear some of the most interesting conversations between those two.

I've been thinking about all the work-related travel I did before I retired. Every place has an icon in my mind. Rock Island, IL - Iowa Machine Shed; St Louis, MO - The Hill; Alexandria, VA - The Fish Market; Washington, DC - The Mall; Rockville, MD - G Street Fabrics; El Paso, TX-Wings (on the reservation just east of the city); Las Crusas, NM - Organ Mountains; San Francisco, CA - The Persido; San Diego, Ca - Balboa Park. Boston, MA - The Green; Baltimore, MD - Aquarium, Chambersburg, PA - the Amish market on Saturday morning. This is only a few; I could go on and on. No wonder I'm tired. I worked long hard hours most of the time, but my job gave me something I would never have had if I'd had any other career. It gave me a picture of the world. Once more I give thanks for all my blessings.


C.A. said...

Oh Mary...The Hill in St. Louis is one of our favorite places in the whole wide world! We love to go to Viviano's Italian Market and buy tons of fresh meat and pasta and have an impromptu picnic at their sidewalk table and chair area. Then we go to Rigazzi's for a huge meal and have to be rolled home in a wheelbarrow!

What was your favorite place on The Hill? We will be there February 23rd as Little Girl has an appointment at Shriner's Hospital, and we always treat her with a trip to Viviano's after a grueling day at Shriners. :)

Mary said...

Hi, C.A.I have eaten at several places on The Hill. I love Giovanni's veal w/ black truffle sauce. I've eaten at Dominic's; food is excellent; original family still runs the location on The HIll. Amighetti's cafe and bakery has the best sandwiches this side of heaven. These are just some of the names I remember. Viviano's market was a stop before coming home. They have a "pink" sauce that's out of this world.

As a Rainbow Girl, I rode the bus from Chattanooga's Alhambra Shriner's to the Crippled Children's Hospital in Lexington, KY, once a month for almost two years. Rainbow Girls helped care for the children with games, treats, etc. The Shriner's have been a God-send to millions of children and their parents for many years.

Happyone said...

I love to sit and listen to what kids say. You never know what will come out of their mouths. :-)
Sounds like you have nice memories of all your travels.

Cheryl said...

Going cross-country after high school gave me a picture of the United States that I still carry with me. I've only been to a few places you've mentioned.

And I agree with your grandson who said he likes all breakfast stuff and the one who doesn't like green eggs and ham.

Summer said...

Now I want to go to the Fish Market for some oysters. I have a picture I'll post for you.

SOUL said...

awwww man. did ya have ta go and mention FOOD??? again. geesh. i swear i ahve gained ten pounds this passed month... ever since i discovered peanut butter M&Ms. i swear they're truly addicting.
but normally i'm a more into salty not sweet foods, and you always talk about such yummy food...and seafood really is one of my favorites. (no, not the see it and eat it--altho i am guilty of that a lot too) :))

you already know i have been alot of the places you have too. i would have a hard time trying to list all of them. not sure i wanna try really tho. but i did do a US map thing i found online somewhere, that you mark off all the staes and countries that you have been to-- it is actually kind of surpriseing to see it all marked off when you have been to a lot of places.

welp--- happy sunday---
and yes.. i love hearing little kids talk, they really do come up with some crazy stuff... in fact, it gets crazier the older they get. :>

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

My parents attended Augustana in ROCK ISland...funny how similar paths from different lives can be linked.

Nana..I love that! My boys call their great grandma (bigdogg's grandma) Nana! And great grandpa? Poppy!

the in laws have left, and she had a really good time...only bad spell was when we went to the mall, naturally, all that extra stimulation. She said she hasn't felt this good since august which is a good thing for her. I laughed and said that it was due to the cold weather that she's feeling better..would be funny if that was actually true.

They're on their flights back to florida, and we have our routines to return to.
May New years be good to you and your family!
Thanks again for everything!!