Friday, December 14, 2007

Play Day

Blogger seems to have issues with me today. The picture in my header disappeared, I tried to reload it. No luck. I tried to load another picture into the header. Still no luck. Oh, well, I guess Blogger is having a bad day. Maybe it'll have a better day tomorrow. Imagine that - it's probably something I did.

The boys and I enjoyed our play today. Later in the day, Harry got in the picture. He had those two boys wound up tighter than a seven day clock. The three of them were playing in the living room and making so much noise that the boys mom and I couldn't talk in a normal voice and we were in the sun room (three rooms away). They had a tickle fest followed by a wrestling whoop-de-do and ending with a wild silly conversation about talking to Santa. I declare this house is mostly fun and games.

I didn't cook this evening. Harry and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant. The food was good, as usual, and I love their hot tea. I hope it doesn't keep me awake but if it does I'll just remember how delicious it was and how much I enjoyed drinking it. This restaurant also serves steamed sticky rice that is wonderful. None of that instant processed stuff. I can usually get a serving from the edge of the steamer - my favorite. This family is all about food.

Tomorrow morning I'll make the trek to buy the rest of my Christmas cooking 'stuff' and a couple of extra goodies. I have wine and various drink ingredients in house already, but because our expectant mommy is only drinking soft drinks now, we may just leave those on the shelf. Not really a bad idea overall. I'll begin making goodies on Monday or Tuesday. For some reason Christmas doesn't seem to be a chore this year. Everything will happen at the correct time and will be fine. The important thing is that we'll be together.

Folks, it's high time I take care of a couple of really small chores and settle in for the rest of the evening. Be happy, safe, and well. My best to you all. Thanks for stopping by.


Judy said...

I wish we were there!!!

Mary said...

So do we!!!

Jamie said...

The house is about fun and games and the family is about food. Can I come and live with you? :) I can think of no better way to live.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mary said...

Come right on down. Bring your happy face, and empty tummy. It wouldn't hurt to bring ear plugs for those occasions when Harry and the boys get wild.