Monday, December 10, 2007

Proof is in the Pictures

Final over all results. Joe's 25 pounder is the dark fish (cobia) in the center.
Just off the boat and very proud.
Left to right: Oldest son, Joe; Harry; Middle son, Keith (boy's dad); Youngest son, Harry Jr. aka Buddy (dad to be).

The proud winner of the "Big Fish of the Day Award"

He is thinking - "Hurry up and take the darn picture. This baby is heavy."

What more can I say. Picture is worth a thousand words. Other than that Harry says the red necks on the coast - he's one - call the cobia "Lings".

NOTE TO RICKY: Be sure to read the blog following this one. And show it to Jenna and Jade.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

cool pictures! I want to go fishing! I bet Soul is itching to get out right about now after seeing the pics. :)

Cheryl said...

That is a heck of a lot of fish. I'm assuming you all like fish? Do they give some of it away? Twenty-five pounds is a big fish!

I like your new profile picture a lot!

Mary said...

Cheryl: The fish were dressed at the dock and they brought at least 35-40 pounds of dressed fish home. It took two of the men to carry the big cooler inside when they got home. I'm not crazy about fish but the rest of the family is. Yes, the catch will be shared with neighbors and friends.

Thanks re the new pic. I thought that horrible haircut (the other pic) would never, never grow out.

Michelle said...

They caught a lot.

I am glad they had fun.


C.A. said...

WOW, that's ALOT of fish! I love those pictures, Mary, and I love your new picture on the side too!

Sounds like everyone really enjoyed their time. I was thinking of you as I made cookies last night. :)


Cindi Ann

SOUL said...

niiice--i bet they had a great time.
you are gonna be sooo sick of fish soon. lol

Mary said...

Soul: I'm only keeping enough for a couple of dinners and a Gathering Day fish fry. The fishermen divided the fish and what they do with theirs is their option. I gave our extra to friends.

Happyone said...

That certainly is a lot of fish and the 25 pounder looks huge!
Like your new profile picture. :-)