Thursday, December 13, 2007

Uneventful Day

Tomorrow is grand kids day with Nana and Papa. I don't have a lot planned for them to do but will come up with something. Planned activities are much better than just finding something to do. I may help them work with modeling clay in prep for using sculpey to make Christmas gifts for Mommy and Daddy. Gifts have to be made at the last minute because the boys want to give gifts as soon as they're done. Whatever we do will be fun. I'll feel better after spending time with them. They always make me laugh.

I received the results of my blood work yesterday. (I had a checkup last Friday.) I have copies of all the results of blood work done since 1997. Since 2004 everything has been excellent. My readings fell almost exactly in the mid range. Not this time. There were 5 - yes 5 - elements out of range. Cholesterol is excellent. Those 5 out of range elements may have something to do with my being washed out more than usual for the past few weeks. I don't know much about medical "stuff" so I'll wait and let my doctor give his opinion. Then I'll ask questions. I'm not sick and I'm not in pain. Maybe there's nothing wrong with me except that I'm mean.

It was a damp, rainy, gray day today just perfect for an outing. NOT! I had to go to Madison Square Mall because that's where the Sears store is. For play, the boys wear Toughskin Jeans that can only be found at Sears (I believe). I thought the mall would be packed but it wasn't. I was there just after they opened and was in and out with no trouble. Not pushing my luck by going back before Christmas.

As everyone can tell, nothing exciting happened today. Harry and I did spend some time talking and had a few chuckles. We are both just so thankful for all we have. I pray that everyone is well, reasonably happy, and content tonight. Bed time, nite nite.


Michelle said...

I am not in pain. Thanks for asking. I've been drinking the juven and I really hope I heal soon! (The grape juven tastes awful. I tried it tonight. I will stick with the orange. It is not bad.)

I hope your doctor can explain your blood tests being different this time and why and if you need to do anything. If you've been feeling tired, sometimes that means you are anemic.

We just got in from work and we are thankful we are off tomorrow! I made us bacon and eggs for us when we got home.

That is so sweet of you to help the boys make gifts for their parents. I am sure they will enjoy that and I know their parents will cherish their gifts made with love.

Have a fun day tomorrow!

Michelle said...

oops,I made us bacon and eggs for us when we got home.
Please pretend I didn't put us twice in that sentence. It's been a long night. (laugh)

Summer said...

Anytime I would get sick when I was little my mother said "It's just the meaness coming out in you."

Cheryl said...

I got a few laughs from this one. Maybe there's nothing wrong except you're mean? Yeah, right.

Sculpey is fun. Have you ever used Bic pens to wrap Sculpey around? Check out their website. We did this with my old Girl Scout troop. Em bought bendable Sculpey for her boyfriend's gift after he made pens here.

Eaten any fish lately?

Mary said...

Summer, that's what my mother always told me too. And when I cried because I got hurt my Dad would say, "Do it again. I didn't see it that time."

Cheryl: I'll check the Sculpey web site. That idea sounds good. It's a challenge when 4 and 5 year old boys want to make gifts. We've shared a lot of fish with people who can really benefit from it. But, yes, I intend to do a fish fry on Sunday. I will be cooking it on the outside stove because I don't like the smell nor the mess in the house.