Friday, December 28, 2007

Gray Day in Huntsville, AL

Last night was stormy with lots of wind and some rain. The storm was the flashy, noisy kind that always gets the cat in a strange mood. I slept through most of it but woke periodically when the cat would decide to lay on me. Today has been just about the same. The front is almost past us and we have the promise of colder weather for a few days. (Colder for north Alabama, that is.)

I haven't accomplished much today. The gray, yucky days just leave me with no get-up-n-go. The grandsons didn't spend time with me today so I didn't have anyone to play Legos or watch Diego with me. In other words, just a blah day.

It's probably a good thing that the boys didn't come because I'm developing a sore throat and I think my ear would like to hurt. Maybe it'll be gone after a good night's sleep. I seldom develop a full blown throat or ear infection. Being a tough old girl does have advantages.

Our big news of the day is that our daughter in law, Sarah, had a definitive ultrasound today and there is no mistake that the baby is a boy!! We saw the pictures and we can confirm that. She and our son, Buddy, sounded really happy, as we all are. Time is really moving fast and now that Christmas is over things will begin to come together for them. The nursery is almost ready and most of the essentials are either in place or on hand. Sarah's mother and father, who live in Minn) will be here somewhere around January 25th and stay for a few days before going on the the coast for their winter sabbatical. Later they'll be back for the birth and to spend time with new grandbaby. We're walking on air at the prospect of a new grandson. I have my rocking chair at hand and will have it warmed up just in time to rock our new bundle of joy.

Harry always says, "Leave 'em with a feel-good note." The expected new baby boy is my feel-good note for today.

Hope everyone is well and ready for a new day tomorrow. My best to everyone.


SOUL said...

doesn't sound too gray to me. new babies aren't gray.
when is he due ?

C.A. said...

Oh Mary what great news! A boy! I can't wait to hear about his arrival!


Mary said...

Soul: I stand corrected - you are absolutely right!! It may have been a day with gray skies but the mood is bright and sunny! He is due in early May.

Thanks, Cindy Ann. It will be a happy day for us. You'll probably hear me yell for joy.

Summer said...

One of the doctors I work with just had a baby a few days ago. She is jewish and she rarely spoke about the baby, had no baby showers, didn't get the nursery ready, because it was considered bad luck. She just had this big bump that kept getting bigger and she acted like it wasn't there. It was just so weird.

ANYWAY... I'm so happy for you and your family. Little boys and big ones are a blessing.

SOUL said...


hope the skies are brighter for you today!

any outside plans, or is it too cold?

either way, have a good day