Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hump Day Blahs

It's 66 degrees at 8:08 PM here in Huntsville, AL. This just ain't natural. Global warming? There may be a dusting of snow over the weekend, if we believe the weatherman. I'm not optimistic. I see the reports of the destructive ice in the mid-west and north-east and remember how beautiful the ice is when sun shines on it. I also remember how treacherous it makes any form of movement and the long power outages. Please, everyone travel safely.

I'm really tired and a little distracted this evening. It must be the blahs! I think I should just say good night to everyone and wish each of you a wonderful evening and a good nights sleep.


Jamie said...

I know that 66 doesn't feel right, but I sure would take it right about now....

It seems we are never happy, are we?

Is that a new pic of you? I like it.

Send some of that fish my way, you are going to have the best meals, ever!

Michelle said...

Yes the weather seems very weird right now and you are right, not natural!

Thanks for saying our cats are pretty. They are a lot of fun and both have distinct personalities. Chochi is very clingy, prefers to be with me at all times (on my lap). Cookie (the tonkinese) is more independent and likes attention only when she is in the mood. They are our babies.

I think I will be ok with this sore thing. I wish it didn't happen at this time. I hope it heals without more intensive therapies because we sure were looking forward to the Chile trip. But I am trying to think positive. :)

((big hug))
Hope the blahs leave you soon.

SOUL said...

hoping today is better for you---
and yipperz... i'll take some unnatural weather about now too.
it's freakin COLD here.
yes.. not as cold as jamie i bet--- but ugh. i don't even wanna leave the house-- but i gotta.
happy thursday

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

66 degrees? I'm with Jaime..that'd be great to have..might help melt some of this icy mess we have all around.
BUt it's thursday, so here's to hoping the blahs are a thing of yesterday!


Cheryl said...

Please say a prayer that my cold goes away and that we don't have the bad weather they predict. Boo hoo.