Sunday, December 9, 2007

River Road

It's Sunday morning and I feel as though I've visited another time, another place. This comes from an extended reading of River Road last evening and night. The author, speaking here, is discussing her desire to write a "true to history" novel about New Orleans River Road. From the preface:

I persisted, "I want to write a story about the River Road - the one that used to be the main thoroughfare between Baton rouge and New Orleans, with all those big sugar plantations on it. Then the air line was cut through, and traffic and trade were diverted. Most of the old families felt they couldn't hang on any longer, in their huge houses, under changed labor and living conditions."


He had picked up a cigarette and had begun to smoke quietly. He did not interrupt and he did not try to hurry me. Those were both such unusually goods signs that I was encouraged.
"Well, but some of them did hang on. I'd like to tell you the story of a family that managed to."

Thus "River Road" was born. The author wrote the book while living in a cottage on River Road. (She always lived in the setting of each book she wrote.) The book was published in 1955 and the story is set in the 1860's. It is 622 pages of historic truth built into an enthralling work of fiction.

Well, now you know how excited I get about my books. This is the third (as least) time I've read this book over the years and I never get bored with the story. But now I've bored you with my over exuberance I must begin my day.

I hope your day is a satisfying as I expect mine to be.


Michelle said...

It sounds like a great read to me. I also love reading. I will have to look for this book at the bookstore.

I am glad the guys got off on their trip and are excited. I am happy that you have planned some projects but most importantly, some fun time too!

Good luck with the cabinets and freezers. You will feel pleased when everything is well organized. Maybe not so much during the organizing but after, you can say, YAY! (At least that is my experience during big organization projects, somewhere in the middle of it, I think, Oh Dear, Where am I going to put all this stuff?" LOL


Jamie said...

That sounds like a great book. I too, will look for it.

Have a great week Mary!