Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back to Normal

This morning was a mess but things smoothed out as the morning moved along. By afternoon I was back in my groove. Dinner was pretty simple but no one seemed to mind. I made hamburgers with all the trimmings and pecan caramel pound cake and ice cream. The little ones like Nana Burgers and it was so good to see the oldest one eat the whole burger. It's the first time he's eaten more than a few bites for several days. Next week is the Daytona 500 and it's a traditional pizza day for us. Pizza is a treat at this house since I seldom order takeout. Everyone looks forward to Pizza Day. I'll have some special beer, wings, and finger foods, etc., to fill the gaps.

Harry finished filing our taxes this past week. The bottom line wasn't as good as I'd hoped but we can live with it. It always irritates me when I actually see the numbers on the forms and realize how much this good life costs. I wouldn't change it for any other, though, so I guess I should just leave that subject alone.

The cat has decided to be my shadow and constant companion. Part of the time I enjoy having her close and listening to her purr. Other times she's just in the way. This morning I sat my coffee cup down for just a minute and looked back to see her lapping away. This silly cat, that will eat absolutely nothing but dry food, has now decided to drink my coffee. She sits on the vanity and washes her face while she's watching me wash mine and she intently watches as I brush my teeth. The last straw is when she decides to lay on me during the night - NOT beside me but ON me. Let me tell you, she is one warm kitty. How did I get on this subject? Probably because she's trying to lay on the keyboard and when I push her away she meows like her heart is breaking. Enough of this! I'm going to bed.

Breathe in deeply 10 times, relax and close your eyes, now sleep a peaceful sleep until morning calls. Summer, turn off your alarm. Nite, nite everyone


Cheryl said...

Miss're my good night comment. I'm all caught up, at least, till I check in the AM. See ya tomorrow!

Summer said...

I wish I had the nerve to do it.

SOUL said...

and i thought my iced tea drinkin cat was weird-- you have one that drinks coffee-- what is UP around here?

hope you have a good day today---- got any leftovers to send my way?

Happyone said...

I just read someone's blog and her dog stole ONE chocolate chip cookie that was cooling on the countertop and ate it. :-)
Oh Boy! Next week pizza - that's my favorite!!!

Mary said...

Wish you could all be here to share pizza with us. We could have one whopper of a Daytona 500 party.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

May I please have a Nana Burger?


Mary said...

I'll be happy to make you a Nana Burger. You might prefer a Big Person Burger, though. Nana Burgers have mustard, ketchup, and chipped onions all mixed together, lettuce, and a thinner beef patty (about 4 cooked ozs.). The kids love that messed up spread but it looks yuckie to lest it keeps the chipped onions on the bun.