Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Bowl Mania is Here

Another Saturday is almost history. Tomorrow night is Super Bowl commercials - I know, I know there's a football game, too. What can I say? All the kids will be here tomorrow afternoon. I'm not sure if any of them will be here for the game. The youngest son and his wife are going to join some of their friends. The middle son - is studying and has a huge report and other school work to keep him busy. (He will finally have his degree at the end of this session.) The oldest son hasn't committed one way or the other. Whatever they decide is cool with us. I'm bar-b-queing baby back ribs and will have steamed veggies, etc, etc - and, oh yes, I made a big banana pudding. They won't leave my house hungry. We wish our daughter (in Phoenix) could be here but we understand and hope she and her family are having a great weekend.

I haven't made plans for my "Christmas Gift Certificate" trip yet. It seems like things just keep happening and the trip gets pushed further and further out. NASCAR's "Speed Week" (or whatever it's called) begins Feb 9 with the Bud Shoot Out and continues through Feb 17 with the Daytona 500. By the time that week is over, Harry will be weak in the knees. I think I'll try to fit my gift trip in sometime around the last weekend in February. What do ya think? I don't want to swim. I just want to sit quietly and listen to the ocean sounds. I haven't done that in at least 30 years and I remember how much pleasure it gave me. (I've been to the ocean many times during that 30 years but never to just be still and quiet and listen to the sounds.) Ah, the things dreams are made of.

Tomorrow will be busy. Hope you have a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday doing whatever you enjoy most.


Emily said...

Your super bowl weekend sounds exciting! Especially the banana pudding. My Dads having a super bowl party himself today and we spent all today cooking for it. Hope everything turns out great!
Oh and I wrote a comment back to your comment on my blog.

Cheryl said...

Hi Mary!

I'm leaving today for a fabulous overnight. I'll tell more details when I get back. I'm not a football fan, not even for the big game. I'll have to catch up on the commercials later. Have a great time tonight!

Jamie said...

Man oh man - banana pudding...I haven't thought of that in years. Can I come over, I will only bother you for dessert...

You are the best mom ever, want to adopt me?

Have a great day today, and I'm kinda like Harry, I am weak in the knees over Speed week, too.


Happyone said...

I'm not a football fan - besides we don't even have a television, so it's no football party for us.
The banana pudding sounds yummy!

That sounds like a wonderful trip to the beach to listen to the sounds. I would love a long walk along the beach.

C.A. said...

I've been craving banana pudding since I read this post! How did your Super Bowl go?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Did you have a good superbowl?
Feet hurt?

Hmm, a quiet place..whatabout the outerbanks on east coast? I've heard it's beautiful there!!!

It's cute to see mother and daughter comments, isn't it?

Anyways, more snow rounds here, and too much left overs...but better too much then not enough right?