Saturday, February 16, 2008

NASCAR Season 2008 is Underway

The sick are improving. DIL is still really shakey but isn't so bad that she can't walk and manage to be up a few minutes. Grandson's Pink Eye is gone and no one seems to have gotten infected from him. (Did a lot of germ murder in our houses.) The oldest and youngest sons went to Nashville for the funeral and are safely home. Our expectant DIL and middle son have missed all the confusion on this side of town. We certainly don't want her involved in any of this crud.

Anyway it seems that things are making their way to normal in our little world. Remember my gift beach gift certificate? Well, I'm making final plans to cash it in. I really need a quiet, dull day or two. Too much excitement is bad for old people.

Tomorrow is the NASCAR Daytona 500. It certainly won't be a quiet, dull day here. We're all primed for the green flag. I, for one, was glad to see Earnhardt, Jr looking more settled. I know he's had a rough time making the change to another team. Poor Tony looks as if he spent the off season at the dinner table and forgot his appointment for haircuts. I don't have a really favorite driver. I cheer for someone different almost every race. My favorite of the day is the driver that's playing fair and not being a bad sport. Don't know how many of you are NASCAR fans but I turn into a first class redneck when the call comes out "Gentlemen, start your engines."

Jamie, do you have a favorite driver? Lets - you and I - forget all our crapy stuff and just enjoy the roar.

My spell check still isn't working - hope the above is readable.


Cheryl said...

All the sports seasons pass me by. Especially NASCAR. Do you have a big screen TV to watch it on? Does the family watch it together on Sundays when they gather at your house? Do they have good commercials? Silly me.

Cheryl said...

I'd never heard of Pantone. What a fantastic website. I checked and there's 3 stores in MD that carry their paint, and none of them are near me. :(

Mary said...

Cheryl, we don't have a big big-screen. The TV is sized to the area where we watch television. I didn't have HD activated on our cable but think I'll do it as a surprise to the guys. Yes, we do all watch it together. The commercials are really fun. Some of the drivers do commercials. One young driver does commercials that has girls dreaming about him and chasing him. A couple of drivers are experts at the "dead-pan" look. In my opinion, the NASCAR commercials are better this year than the Supper Bowl's.

Pantone sets the standard for color. If you ask any paint store for a Pantone color by name or number they should be able to mix it for you. Pantone publishes a book of standard colors. It's used by artists as well as decorators. Check at B&N for a Pantone book. I'm sure it's still in print.

Mary said...

I'm back, Cheryl. Below is information on the book I mentioned.

The Pantone Book of Color: Over 1000 Color Standards : Color Basics and Guidelines for Design, Fashion, Furnishings...and More by Leatrice Eiseman and Lawrence Herbert (Hardcover - Oct 1990)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

it's all readable, and I'm glad to hear that everyone is beginning to feel better somewhat.
I know that bug and it's been awful!
and nasty.



SOUL said...

ya know, for once--- it is NOT me. :)) my spellcheck works fine. everyone else is having probs it seems though.
i don't know why mine would work and everyone elses not. hmmm. any bad spelling on my part-is my own fault--or laziness.

anyhow-- enjoy the race--
and your day!

Summer said...

I'm glad everyone is on the mend. Thank you very much for your kind words and advice over at my place.

Jamie said...

Mary, I'm a Stewart fan, I have been since he was running the dirt tracks. Lately though, I get a little tired of his attitude. My good buddy and boss is also a sprint car race promoter, and Tony and Kasey Kahne run his races every year...Kasey is a delightful, sweet kid, just like he was back when he raced at the track that I used to run. Tony, on the other hand has become pretty full of TONY, and lately it's really showing, lolol. Anyway, I can't help but cheer for the both of them, along with a few others.

I am not a fan of the Hendrick drivers, and was sad when Dale moved to that team, but I still would love to see him do well, you can't help but love him. I really have no problem with Johnson or Gordon, they are both very talented, but I just don't love some of their car owners business practices. And the whole Gibbs Toyota thing makes me sad, but it looks like Toyota will do the job for them. I have always worked for GM, and felt some sort of pride in the GM drivers, but change will probably be good for the sport overall. Today however, belongs to Dodge. :(

It was a good race - I hope you liked it, too.

Sorry for the long comment, geez, you should never get me started about

Have a good evening. :)

Jamie said...
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