Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No News Just Words

Grandson is doing better but still has a fever. He's even taking meds without complaint because he knows the alternative was a shot. Mommy needs to go the grocery and do a haircut so I'm going to their house to play for a while.

Don't know if I've mentioned that the boy's Mommy is a licensed and wonderful cosmetologist. She quit work when the first grandson came along. Her clients were really disappointed when she quit and begged her not to do so. She decided that, since some of her clients had been with her for years, she would continue to do those haircuts and colors from either her home or theirs. Most of these clients are older and travel isn't always easy for them. She has a really good background and does wonderful work. I'm usually on her naughty list because I don't want to take time and effort to keep current with my hair. At some point she may go back to work but not until the boys are older. I think it would be feasible for her to have her own shop and lease stations to independents. At some point she could just become a manager which should be easier as she gets older. At my age, I'm always thinking ahead to "the older" years. Not that I'm already there, mind you.

We didn't have any really bad weather last night or this morning. Just rain, which we are thankful for receiving. I've been watching the news about the storms to our west. So much destruction and loss of life. It's a very sad time for many, many people. My heart goes out to them.

Hope your day is bright and peace reigns in your life. Happy Hump Day.


SOUL said...

hope the kiddo gets better quick.

hope your night is a good one.

Jamie said...

Isn't it so hard when the little guys are sick? I always feel so bad for them, and good point about taking the medicine, I remember mine doing anything to avoid the shot.

Have a great day Mary.

jAMiE said...

And a belated happy hump day to you from this snowy spot in Canada on a dark, snowy, cold Thursday morning.

Hope you enjoyed time with your grandson and he's feeling right as rain soon.

Cheryl said...

Hi Mary,

I'm glad your grandson is on the mend. You just couldn't force my daughter to take medicine, and forcing her was terrible. Thankfully she was only sick a few times, ever. I didn't know your DIL was a hairdresser. She does your hair, right? It's a good profession to have in the family.

Hope your Thursday was good. TTYS.

Mary said...

Cheryl, My DIL does my hair but not as often as she would like. Since I retired I'm much more laid back about my hair. She trained with Ann and Gary Bray, who were considered tops in their field. The DIL never made any of the trips to European shows/competitions with them but did participate in shows in the southeast. I'm very fortunate to have her available.