Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl 42 is History

Super Bowl Sunday 42 is history. I really felt old when I remembered that I watched the first Super Bowl. Then I thought about the difference those years made in my life. My life now has much less stress. The game last evening was exciting - at least to those of you who follow football. I was a bit disappointed with the commercials - they just didn't measure up to prior years.

Our Sunday gathering was a bit empty yesterday. The oldest grandson was ill and running a fever so they decided to stay home. The oldest son and the youngest son and his wife were here for a short while. They were attending parties with their friends which is as it should be. Bottom line - Harry and I enjoyed the children and spouces who could be here in the afternoon and missed the ones who were home sick. When everyone left Harry and I had our own Super Bowl party. We snacked, snuggled into the sofa in front of the TV and just enjoyed the evening.

No cooking today. There's lots of leftovers in the fridge. Maybe I can make some headway on a couple of projects that are way behind my schedule. It's wet and gray here so there's not much outside to take my attention away from my plan.


SOUL said...

man, everybody is talkin about food-- now i am friggin hungry!

come cook me somethin yummy-- greasy and southernish. :))

cmon, you know ya want to.

i didn't watch the game.. and apparently i didnt miss much.
oh well.
hope things are good there.

Mary said...

If I were close enough I would cook a biiiiigggggg meal for you and family. It would be southernish, it might be yummy, but very little grease. Tonight is turnip greens and turnip roots, cornbread, and left over ribs and cauliflower. Not my favorite thing but Harry loves it.

You, Jamie, and Jenelle have been on my mind most of the day. hugs and more hugs.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

sounds like a wonderful time!
Poor lil' guy, but wise parents for keeping him resting.

What'd you think about the commercials? I saw a few replayed yesterday during THE TODAY Show..great ones it seemed..the one with the dalmation and horse had me crying!

Crusty~ :)

SOUL said...

i could eat that-- :))