Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sick Child and Bad Weather

Posting earlier than usual today. The oldest grandson is running a high fever and Mommy is on the way to the doctor's office with him. I suspect he has an ear infection but I didn't mention that to her. I asked if she wanted to drop off the youngest grandson but she said that would cause the older kid to cry because he couldn't stay too.

I don't know if I already told my readers what the youngest said/did at his last checkup, which was just after the New Year. If I did, you're about to get a repeat. Both boys were due a regular checkup and had appointments back to back. The oldest was first. Doctor Pats did the usual poking, listening, pricking, etc, and everything looked really good but the kicker came when he had to have a booster shot of some kind. That set the youngest into a tail spin. He told the whole world that in no uncertain terms he did not want to get "up on that white bed." Dr Pats consoled him and everything was fine as long as Dr Pats was in the room. When the nurse came in the room with not one but four injections on a tray doomsday came to pass at the doctor's office! The kid didn't want anything to do with the whole process and everyone knew exactly how he felt! Bottom line is that each of the boys passed his checkup with flying colors and both received the necessary boosters and vaccinations.

The reason I told/retold that is so I could say that the youngest informed Mommy that he'd go to the doctor with his brother as long as he didn't have to "get up on that white bed" and no one was planning to give him a shot.

This is probably just another of the childhood thingies that they get over and forget about in a day or two, but we hate for the babies to be ill. I'm keeping my time free the rest of the day just in case I'm needed for whatever reason.

Hope everyone is well and that this line of storms causes no injury or loss of property.


Update: Grandson does have an ear infection. Dr. said on a scale of 1 to 10 it is a 7 or 8. Grandson still says his ear doesn't hurt. No shots just medication. All is once again calm in Nana and Papaville.


SOUL said...

well... i hope no kids had to get stuck with anything.. i always hate to see my girl get a shot-- even though she's biggger and does better now-- i always hate to see her get a shot. :(( or puke.
i can handle just about anything else.

as for the weather-- they lied again.. they made it sound like we were gonna get hammered to death here all day... it thundered some overnight--- that was all.. it's a beautiful day again here-- but too windy to fish :((

hope you are doing well today, and the sick kid gets well soon.

Summer said...

My life was consumed with ear infections with my oldest son. My youngest never had one. They are evil! Dr's offices are scary places for kids.

SOUL said...

if it doesn't hurt-- the meds should knock it pretty quick.

open the junk food cabinet quick!

hmm... that reminds me.. it's been a while since i had peanut butter m-n-m's. christmas i think.
maybe that's my problem. hmmm.

hope you have a good day.