Friday, February 8, 2008

Memory Lane

As you can see, I'm up later than late tonight. I went to bed early last night and slept for 12 - that's right - 12 hours! I may be awake for the next week.

The grandson is better but he's not yet 100%. Today he felt better and we had a short play date while Mommy took his brother to his music lesson. They are both doing an outstanding job with their music classes. They both practice without being reminded. Miracles do happen.

Reading Summer's post this evening caused me to recall a scene that was playing out in my office a few years ago. We had hired a total of 18 engineers fresh out of college for our intern program. These kids weren't dry behind the ears. As a matter of fact I don't believe some of them were housebroken. I walked into the office after attending a meeting and this is what I saw: One engineer was practicing his juggling skills with three oranges. Another was showing a couple of kids how he perceived "white people dance" and demonstrating how "black people dance." One of the girls was painting her nails. Another had her feet on her desk and was reading a travel magazine. One boy was snoring - yes he was sound asleep amidst all the action. When those kids saw me it was unbelievable how quickly they found their desks. I told them that it looked like either a kindergarten class or a bad circus. In case you're wondering if they had work to do the answer is YES! I wasn’t their supervisor at the time, but if I had been there would have been notes in each of their personnel folders. At least they weren't playing video games on line. That happened with the next batch we hired.

I've traveled far enough down memory lane for this evening. I think I'll settle down and read. Hope everyone is enjoying snoozing good time.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

That's funny because I just had a conversation with some people about how young people think their jobs should only be fun. we wondered where they got that idea - not from us! Diane

SOUL said...

whatcha readin?
you really were up late.
glad the boy is feeling better-- mostly at least.
hope you have a good day-

Happyone said...

That was so funny - such diversity! :-)

Mary said...

Soul, I'm reading "The Balm of Gilead Tree" by Robert Morgan. It's a group of seventeen short stories. Really enjoyable reading.