Monday, February 18, 2008


It's Monday! Harry developed a tooth ache during the early morning hours. Our dentist gave up his lunch hour to see Harry and remove an abcessed tooth. A really cool thing to have happen just before we're leaving town. At least it happened before we left. Harry went to bed early looking a bit droopy but said he wasn't hurting. We have pain medication if he needs it. If this begins to give him trouble we'll just cancel the trip - because I'll insist - and go another time.

As the trip stands now we'll drive to the coast this Saturday and drive home the next Wednesday. I know it isn't long but it's long enough for relaxing to the sound of the surf, walking on the sand, and just enjoying life. If it rains or is cool that will be OK. It won't spoil our trip. We're going to Panama City Beach and will be staying beach side on the 10th or 12th floor. There is a private balcony overlooking the Gulf. Our suite should be nice - this hotel caters to adults. We have absolutely no plans other than going there and coming home. Each minute will dictate the next.

Arrangements are made with the house sitter so everything will be taken care of here. The kids will be available if anything goes wrong here at the house. The babies, who aren't babies anymore, . . . We'll certainly miss them. The car has been serviced and is ready for the trip. I'll be taking coffee and tea - I like my own brand. I'm sure the suite has a coffee maker.

I just got the news this afternoon that the oldest grandson has his first loose tooth. Help!!!! They are growing up too fast.

I need to check on Harry and be sure he's OK. Our bedroom is at one end of the house and I'm at the other end - might not hear him if he calls me. Make note to self---consider in-house intercom system.

Hope everyone has a quiet peaceful night. Until later, bye


C.A. said...

Mary, that trip sounds PERFECT! I hope your groom suffers no ill effects from his tooth episode and that the sun is shining just enough to put a glow on your face! Enjoy the beach!


jAMiE said...

Sorry to hear about Harry's tooth, i hope he is feeling better. My sister has been suffering all weekend with a sore tooth. She's had to take some heavy duty pain meds for it, hopefully she'll be able to get in to see her dentist today.

Take care, enjoy your trip!

SOUL said...

hope harry feels better fast-- i know about teeth probs-- no fun at all.

hope the trip is a dream.. sounds like it will be. enjoy!

i can't believe i have been coming here since like day TWO of your blog-- and just NOW noticed you have my link name spelled wrong. :((
it was.. soulmange... now it's not.
you could just put soul if yua want-- or whatever.. but it's wrong.. just so ya know :))

happy tuesday.

Happyone said...

Hope Harry is in no pain and you will be able to take your trip as planned. It sounds like a wonderful vacation.

Mary said...

Harry is fine this morning. Even had an early morning smile - yesterday he was "all wrinkled up" (my term for him when he looks agitated)

Soul: Link is corrected. Thanks for letting me know.

Cheryl said...

I've heard Panama City is beautiful. I'm so glad you're getting away. I think Harry should be fine and he still has some time to heal before you go. How long of a drive is it? Do you normally vacation there?

Happy Tuesday!

Mary said...

Cheryl, I've actually never been to Panama City Beach. Harry lived in Mobile for several years and is really familiar with the Gulf Coast. "My beachs" were Pawley's Island, Myrtle Beach, the Outer Banks, etc. It'll take 6 or 7 hours to drive there - according to Harry. He's fine today and is looking much more relaxed than yesterday. I'll take pics to share. Am I excited? You betcha, I am.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

ENJOY YOUR TIME! And I'm glad to hear the tooth came out prior to your trip, versus while on your trip! By saturday all will be well!

Enjoy the smells of the gulf, the wonderful sounds, and try to bottle up some sand for all of us cold folks up in the midwest!

Hear from you on wednesday!
I leave for florida next thursday so I'll wave to you as we pass each other...a day late, but the thought is there. :)