Thursday, February 28, 2008

Harry's Gift to Me

I thought I had more pictures. I guess I was just carried away with our trip and how enjoyable it was. You younger ladies will think we wasted a perfect opportunity to do a lot more than we did, but this is how it is when you get older. We have slowed down to smell the roses. And love it, I might add.

The trip down was pleasant. Sky was overcast for the first part of the trip which wasn't a bad thing. The overcast kept us from driving into the sun. By the time the sky became bright and sun filled it was high enough to enjoy rather than fight. It takes between 6 and 7 hours for us to make the drive which includes stops and one on-the-road meal. After we checked in and got our luggage to our suite we went out to get semi-oriented and to buy drinks for our little palace above the beach. We were on the 10th floor, beach front. It was perfect. Not too high but high enough to have a good view. I loved it.

Sand here is totally different from either the east coast or the west. It's sugar white and very fine. When you walk it feels soft; not at all abrasive. I never understood why the Panhandle coast is called the Emerald Coast. I just assumed it was because there were lush plantings. Well, there are lush plantings, but the name comes from the clear green water close to the beach. I think you'll be able to see it from a couple of the pictures. Where the water is shallow over the beach or sand bars it is clear and emerald green when the sun shines. Deeper water is dark blue. I think the green is a result of the properties in the sand - it is not algae. Sunsets are fascinating on this coast. I'm more familiar with the beaches from Pawley's to the Outer Banks where sun rise is the prize. At least that's my experience.
These are the colors in bright sunlight. Picture was taken from our balcony.

You just never know who might be found on the beach.

One captured sunset.

This sunset was brilliant. Even brighter than over the desert.

Holes in the floor of heaven where the angels keep watch. Have you heard that story?

Feet of two old farts just watching the surf roll in. Sorry Soul. I missed the sand shot.

OK,everyone. This is an odd shot for me but this really caught my eye. Are they teaching or selling? I decided to let everyone make their own story to go with this. Old folks notice things they would never have seen in their youth.
We ate at this little small town restaurant on the way home. My nephew, Ricky, told us about this place. It's name is the result of trying to find an appropriate name. The owners decided on the name based on what a lot of folks say in response to, "Where would you like to eat?" The food was excellent. Just down home country cooking.
I might add that we enjoyed the beautiful, warm weather on the Emerald Coast. We were welcomed home by a whirl of snowflakes and dark clouds. There was no accumulation but nevertheless it was cold.

Gotta quit posting and get ready to take the youngest grandson to music class. His older brother is going to the doctor this afternoon because he has a fever and is really under the weather.

I wish you all could have a long weekend on the Emerald Coast.


Cheryl said...

I'd love some time on the Emerald Coast. Lovely. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

I hope your grandson is OK!

SOUL said...

looks like you guys had a great time! (condom knowledge (snicker)
and how did you know i have a thing about feet pix? i am always taking pix of feet! i think it's cool that you do too!

really glad you got away. love the pix.

Anonymous said...

Condom Knowledge: Is that an education and training center for tourist visiting from Oklahoma? Glad you and Harry had a good time and liked the It Dont Matter watering hole in Highland Home Alabama on the 331 hywy. Love ya kid Ricky

Summer said...

I've always wanted to go there.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to go where? Condom Knowledge?

C.A. said...

Mary your pictures are STUNNING. My favorites are the "feet", and the holes in the floor of heaven.

I'm so glad your trip was so lovely!

josie2shoes said...

Ahhh, this looks truly heavenly! The pictures are beautiful! You're so right about just spending time together doing nothing... it's the best!

Michelle said...

The pictures are beautiful. I am glad you two had a nice relaxing trip!

I hope your Grandson gets well soon!