Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Ramble

It's Friday and I'm glad. Don't know exactly why, but I am. Play day is a bit different today. The boys won't be here until around 6PM - parents are going to hear a speaker at their church. Papa and I will be the boy's playmates until around 9:30 or so. I foresee snacks and a movie.

Harry is playing golf today so I'm having a fairly quiet day. Many, many things I should be doing but I'm not doing even one of them. Maybe another day - who knows..... I better be resting today because tomorrow will be a killer. I have to rise and shine early, make two (made from scratch) coconut pies, attend a reef club meeting, and attend two (yes two) recitals.

The two oldest grandsons are both in music and both have a recital tomorrow. Jesse's is at 1:30 and James' at 4:30. Both boys are moving right along in their music. Jesse will sing and accompany himself (without written music) at the Grand Piano. James will play a solo, but he won't have to sing. He is certainly capable of singing but I hope he goes along with the program and doesn't decide to sing anyway. Maybe I can get good pictures or perhaps their dad can get a video clip so I can post it. The children don't wear formal for these recitals - rather they wear what they'd wear to church. That makes it a lot easier on parents' bank accounts.

I'm so far behind that I don't feel like I'll ever catch up. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I have my yearly physical next Wednesday. I hope the doctor can pinpoint a reason for my being so lazy and lethargic for the past few weeks. He'll probably tell me to force myself off my butt and get busy. That will be OK, too. I have a doctor that I have confidence in and he just tells it like it is - no mincing words. He's made me very angry at times over many years but I have to admit that I've never had him be wrong about me. One time several years ago he told me to "Go home, take aspirin, drink juice. I have lots of sick people in this office and need to take care of them." I was whining about a common cold at the time. I was ready to spit fire, but did what he said because I knew he was right.

I think I'll take a short nap before the evening fun begins. I want to be as fresh as possible for the boys. I enjoy them so much and they always make me feel better.


Brad said...

Have a good time with the boys and a nice nap (sounds good to me right about now)

Have a great weekend -

Cheryl said...

I'm about ready for bed myself. You're about done with your play date. One of these days I want to come over and play too! I know you and the boys had a great time. Lucky all around.

Smocha said...

I would say you're tired and lethargic because of being such a busy grandma:)

I'm tired and lethargic and I am not even a grandma

Hope you all had a great time!

Summer said...

Coconut cream or coconut custard? I'll take one of each.

SOUL said...

i hope today is great for you-- i know how you love those boys-- they can change your world in a flash eh?

i hope you get to feeling better and that it is nothing serious.
the weird weather lately and the change in routine because of it may have somethin to with it-- working or playin outside one day--trapped inside in the rain the next? who knows.
plus-- the relief after a stressful pregnancy? you've been through a lot that you may not be fully aware of right now. maybe just some rest--and YOU time?

i used to make a killer --no bake--of course-- coconut pie-- about five minutes from prep to fridge-- if i remember how to make it i'll let ya know-- BUT i bet you already made yours. hmmm.

wanna share your doc with me??

happy satahday lady

Golden To Silver Val said...

Sometimes being a grandma is hard work, especially when you're tired out. But, you know what...your grandkids just enjoy being with you...and don't really expect a whole lot more. I've found that to be true in my case anyway. When your grandkids are around 8 to 12...I invented a sweet little game that I call "A dark and stormy night". Its easy on an old bird like me and enjoyable to the kids, not to mention it gets their creativity flowing. If you want to know how to play, let me know and I'll tell you the 'rules'. Have a wonderful weekend, making memories.

Mary said...

Just home after a busy, busy Saturday. Everything went just fine. I'll post pictures either later tonight or tomorrow morning. The pies weren't my prettiest - humidity is not the friend of merangue (spelling?). The reef club meeting was plesant. Both boys played their solos perfectly. Jesse without music and James with. The recital production (with all members of each group) was based on God Bless America. Those children all did a fantastic job.

There's nothing serious (health wise) wrong with me. I think I just need to settle down and be calm and quiet for a few days. After this week I can do just that.

I'd love to have the rules and "how-tos" for "A Dark and Stormy Night" - as a matter of fact, I'd like to have a real dark and stormy night.

Folks, I wouldn't take a million dollars for the time I have with the children and grandchildren - Each and every one of them.

All Star race qualifying starting. Gotta go. Look for pics later if interested..

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

How was your playdate? That is remarkable that they're doing music, I so wanted to do that for my boys...still trying too as well.
Perhaps the fatigue is this silly up and down all around weather and your body is saying STOP TAKE TIME FOR YOU!! :)
Good luck at your appt on Wednesday..I hope you're resting right now! :)