Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh What a Day It Really Was . . . .

Wow, what a day this has been! Up early this morning without enough sleep. (Kitty kept waking me up last night by laying on me.) Made two coconut pies from scratch. The meringue didn't do very well - it never does in humid weather. I made them in foil pans so I wouldn't have to worry about bringing pie plates home. (I have carriers for them). Below are my sad looking pies but they were good even if I do say so.

The pies made it to the reef club meeting. The order of the day was a picnic outside one of the local supplier's homes. Menu was Frogmore Stew, various salads, soft drinks, and - as one little boy put it - goodies. The stew was really good and so appropriate for the main course. This is a quick snapshop of folks lining up in the chow line.

From there it was on to the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) for the oldest grandson's recital. He really performed well - no mistakes and no hesitation. The recital was informal and that helps the 5 year children feel more comfortable. Each performer introduced him/herself and told the audience what they would be playing. (No music sheets allowed.) He sang his song - "Oh How I Love Jesus" and accompanied himself on the piano. The picture (below) isn't a very good pic. I snapped it as he was getting settled at the keyboard. Didn't want to snap/flash while he was performing.
While we waited for two hours for the younger grandson's recital Harry and I went to Barnes and Nobel Bookstore. I paid a visit to Starbucks - which I badly needed - and browsed through a book I thought I might like but didn't. Harry just browsed. No picture for this.

Back to UAH for younger (4 yrs) grandson's recital. His performance was perfect, too. He also introduced himself and his song. He was allowed to have his music. His song was "I Hop" - not the pancake place - It goes something like "I hop, you hop, we all hop, we hop on Noah's Ark". . . I don't know the rest of the words but it was cute. This is the little man performing for the first time on the stage at UAH.
In addition to solo performances both classes had various songs - as a chorus - and routines. The theme for those (in both recitals) was patriotic. The stage set was bright flowers and butterflies.

Below the boys are waving from the balcony - it's all over - can you tell by those big smiles? Oh yes, I forgot to say that Jesse lost his first tooth in time for recital.
By the time we got home I was exhausted! I ate some "bring home" chicken while trying to watch the NASCAR event that was on TV. I went to sleep right there and slept for almost two hours. As soon as I publish this I intend to join Harry in our bed to keep time with my pillow. What a day this has been!! A wonderful day but very, very busy.


C.A. said...

I'm so glad you had such a great day, Mary. I WANT THOSE PIES! The pictures of the boys are adorable too. Looks like you had great weather for the meeting and the recital. I love hanging out in Barnes and Noble and just reading and relaxing. Hope your Sunday is full of sunshine and family!



Happyone said...

You did have a busy day.
You may not think your pies came out good but they look delicious to me!!
Glad the boys did so well with their concert.
Such great smiles!!
Have a great Sunday.

SOUL said...

wow- i need a nap just readin about your day-and a starbucks wouldn be good too-- so would some pie--
hope you got all rested up.

those are some cute kids there-- i bet they "done ya proud" eh


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

those pies look marvelous!! Delicious and yummy!!

So, what did you get from SBUX? ANy special froo froo drink?

Your little guys look adorable and I am so glad that you are that involved and enjoying their gifts..I know I repeat myself all the time, but I just think you are a terrific grandma!!

I hope you slept better and kitty was willing to give you a night off. :)


bonnie said...

These are the sweetest pictures of your grandsons. Wonderful smiles. I didn't know that about meringue but it makes sense when I remember the meringues I saw in Arizona. They were very tall. Get some rest, woman!