Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Looking Ahead

I just had time to re-look at my post from yesterday. That picture is pitiful and paints a picture that isn't accurate. Don't know what I was thinking. The moment which lasted maybe 20 seconds was really cute but it just didn't translate well. Sorry about that kids. Nana promises to do better in the future - really, I do.

Tomorrow begins another round of busy days and probably late nights. That's OK - it keeps me from being bored.

My long time friend, Shirley, and her daughter, Holly, and I are going to a little town just north of the Tennessee border - Fayetteville. It's a sleepy little country town with a town square, a general store, several antique stores, "The Sexy Leopard" (a neat little boutique), a restaurant built in the old town jail, and a hum-dinger of a fabric store. We're shopping for new upholstery for one of Shirley's sofas and for her game room chairs. The store we're going to is unbelievable. Nowhere in this country can you find the grade of interior decorating fabric at the price. When we've done all the damage we can afford at the fabric shop, we're going to have lunch in the old jail. I haven't told them but I'm taking them to The Sexy Leopard. It's so out of place in this little town but it isn't a sleazy store. Many of their customers are from Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, etc. Stuff ain't cheap there either. We'll be "just looking."

Beginning on Thursday my schedule includes golf, play day, reef club meeting, music recitals for both grandsons, gathering day, hair day, and finally on Tuesday of next week my yearly physical. How's that for a bad ending to a fun line-up?

If I'm going to be bright eyed in the morning I need to move along towards bed. Hope everyone is pain free and looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.


jAMiE said...

Pain free, no...but still enjoying life.

I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday..Happy Wednesday too...i have to be up early for t he cable guy, ugh! lol

bonnie said...

I think the kids look adorable. I prefer the candid "I'm not going to smile until I have to" look.

Your outing is creating a sensation of jealousy over here. We have a tiny town an hour from here that houses a tapestry warehouse. It is an amazing field trip when you want to make a new purse.

Have a wonderful time. I want to hear about it.

C.A. said...

The Sexy Leopard...I wish I could go too! Sounds like ALOT of fun! Enjoy your day, Mary!

SOUL said...

i have to laugh at the fabric store thing.
soulman has horror stories of his mom dragging him to fabric stores for "hours" when he was a kid. LOL (she made their clothes when they were young. LOL
poor guy.

anyhow-- sounds like fun..and i love the name too.

your plans sound fun.

i think the weather will keep me trapped inside today-- if the weather gods are right.. if not-- perhaps i shall fish.
who knows.

i do need to clean house.

got any fairies???

happy humpday!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

ooooooooooh,..Make sure you take lots of pictures of the sexy leopard store..it sounds like a wonderful time,..and just what you need!!!

Tiny towns are the most relaxing towns ever..

Happy Wednesday and I think the picture of the grandchildren is just precious..

Mary said...

Everyone, Mr. Weather put a halt to the girls day out in Fayetteville, TN. That's OK. We aren't in a big hurry. We need rain more than we need a day out and today is a doozie.

Brad said...

Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner love - Things are a bit hectic - Not sure how grandma is doing till I get down home - things are a bit of a mess - I'll write you when I can