Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Morning, Charlie Brown

Title comes from dreaming about Charlie Brown last night. Read on - you'll understand how Charlie invaded my dreams.

Holiday weekend is behind us. I hope each of you had a pleasant weekend. Ours was certainly great except for not having Sarah, Buddy, and Baby on gathering day. Baby isn't sleeping overnight yet (few do at this age). Mommy has to sleep when Baby does. We missed them but know it won't be long until they'll be on schedule with the new little one and the three of them will once again be part of gathering day - next week maybe.

Last night was sleep-over. The boys are still sleeping and look comfy and content. I pulled one of "Mary's Famous Tricks" last evening. I let the boys watch videos while having a late snack picnic in bed (turkey, crackers, Fusion drink, and one cookie). It was really a small meal. They were calm, content and slept like kittens all night. I don't expect them to stir until around 8:30. This is a once-in-a-great-while trick that serves well. (The Peanuts videos were about the Pilgrims trip to America and the first Thanksgiving - the boys "feasted" with Charlie Brown.)

This will be a busy morning but a fun time watching the boys wake up and face the day. The oldest told me and two or three time assured me that he wants tuna for breakfast. The little one wants pancakes with syrup, (whipped) cream, and sprinkles. We'll see how this turns out. I'm betting against the tuna. YUCK, tuna for breakfast? DOUBLE YUCK!!!

It's time to enjoy the morning - birds greeting the morning, kitty purring . . . wait a minute . . . is that chipmunk digging under the almost new gardenia bush? Yes, it is! Oh well, it's a beautiful morning anyway.

Have a wonderful day.


Happyone said...

I'll take the pancakes, syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles. Sounds wonderful!!!

Sounds like you are happy and well rested.
Have a wonderful day with your grandkids.

Tee said...

Fish for breakfast is a common thing in Israel. But we aren't in Israel, are we? I vote for the pancakes. Besides I really don't care for fish for lunch or dinner. LOL!

SOUL said...

it's hard to get a kid to eat breakfast these days -- i say if they're willing to eat-- give em what they want-- just open a window and put a clothes pin on your nose! :))

happyy humpday

(oops--was this yesterdays breakfast? what'd he end up eating?)

Smocha said...

My husband thinks nothing of eating leftover salmon for breakfast.

I love being a grandma ...vicariously ..through you.:)

You make it sound so fun. BTW , where's the new pics ???

Happy Humpday!

Cheryl said...

You're almost always so upbeat. I love your attitude. I've discovered it's the momma robin that's digging in my garden looking for food for her 4 hungry chicks. I just have to say, oh well. Let nature take it's course. To a point, that is. I still want to get those moles.

Happy day!