Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fusion - The Drink of Superheros

Last night was a night of sound sleep. I was just a bit afraid that being up late then up early (for sleep-over night before last) might upset my sleep cycle but it didn't. It seems that the fix for my sleep pattern was easy. . . almost too easy.

To follow up with sleep-over morning (yesterday - Tuesday morning):

The boys slept until almost 8AM. The youngest was up first with a big smile and telling me about his dream. He dreamed he was walking on the Greenway and "beautiful leaves were falling all around. They were all beautiful colors all different. When they all fell the whole big sky was a rainbow. It was soooooo beautiful Nana. I wish you could see it." He was holding his white blankie and dottie (a small stuffed puppy) while he was telling me about his dream. I had to struggle to keep him from seeing the tear in my eye. The oldest was up and talking non-stop by 8:20. His conversation had to do with the critters he saw in the reef tanks "last-night-in-the-dark." He was excited because he saw peppermint shrimp (which are night feeders) a bristle worm, and a "little red and white striped bristle star."

Breakfast was better than I expected. The "tuna fish" idea went out the window when the smell of bacon hit the air. They ate bacon, Nana pancakes with butter and "lady in the bottle" syrup, and drank Fusion Strawberry-Banana. In case you didn't know, Fusion is the drink that super heroes drink to make them able to zip around the universe. I have that bit of information from a five-year-old expert and it sounds good to me.

I certainly am living a blessed life. Some days I'm so tired but then I think of all I have to look forward to and immediately feel better. I wonder what this day holds.


Anonymous said...

Hey folk, let me tell you. I tried some of that Fusion. I needed to "zip about" alright but not around the universe! Spare yourself!

Cheryl said...

I love the strawberry-banana fusion, but just for the taste. Yum. Glad to hear the tuna got replaced. There's nothing like the smell of bacon!

Enjoy your day!

SOUL said...

i want bacon and some banana zip stuff-- i really really need some zip-ya know-

so mary-- what did this day hold for you?
i hope it was good, whatever it was.


Mary said...

Everyone, Harry is a sissy. The drink is good - don't know if the commercials are good though.

Not much of importance happened today, Soul. When you're old that can be a blessing.