Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not a Routine Sunday

The past week was certainly different. A lot of good things happened and a couple of not so good things. We have a new grandson. Buddy's grandfather passed away. Sarah and Baby went home from the hospital. Sarah's follow-up appointment with the doctor went well. Baby's first appointment went well, too. Oldest grandson developed a mean stomach virus. Keith is finally through school and is starting to catch up on small repairs and refurbishing around their house. Joe is at his new job and it's going well. Harry and I are just doing what old folks do - nothing.

This day just doesn't seem like Sunday. For the first time in a looooong time we won't have a gathering and I feel lost. Everyone who can is going out to see Baby and do other things. Golly, gee, I hope this isn't a new trend but young families have many obligations and we don't want to become another. As long as everyone is well and reasonably happy we will be content. After all, Harry and I don't fight when we're alone. Sometimes he'll read to me while I crochet, sometimes we watch a movie - always NASCAR, we look forward to planning our next meal, part of the time we're each doing our own thing, we talk a lot (at least Harry would say so), and each is just happy that the other is there. We are both reasonably healthy and not so senile that we can't manage to function. For what more can we ask? Perhaps a yardman and full time housekeeper? New cars and a million dollars? Naaah, I don't think so.

I've spent my morning catching up with blogs and commenting. It's been over a week since I managed to do that. I've appreciated your visits and comments to the disjointed postings I've put out there. Thank you for not forgetting me. Let's "talk" more another time. Have a happy afternoon.


C.A. said...

Now, how could I EVER forget you? Maybe it's good to have a quiet Sunday after this crazy week you've had. Just relax and enjoy some time with Harry. :)

Happy Sunday, Mary. Thanks for being my blog friend!


Cindi Ann

Cheryl said...

Forget Mary? Not a chance of that happening. You seem to be happy no matter what. How fortunate you are to have a loving and comfortable relationship with Harry. That's a big blessing.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

SOUL said...

sounds like a good day, with a good guy-- and as out of sync as it may have felt-- i bet you needed the day to yourselves-- how'd it turn out ?

i may get lost in my zone here -- but i wouldn't forget you --

you have a junkfood cabinet-- how could i forget that? i gotta make my plans to go raid the goodies with jamie--remember? :))

have a great monday!

SOUL said...

just thinkin bout ya..hoping your day is good

bonnie said...

It seems to me that as long as both parents are alive and healthy, traditions endure. Congratulations on the welcome new family member. A little Sunday breather sounds nice, one without family stress, as nice as the chaos is; might as well enjoy the clear air.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I hope you enjoyed this day. Sometimes we all need time to just stop and .... take a deep breath. Blessings to you and yours, Mary.