Monday, May 12, 2008

Typical Monday

. . . . And how are things in your world?

Our storms have moved on for now, all the kids have gone home to their worlds, we've been a little bit lazy today, and even the cat has been quiet. It's just a typical Monday.

It was so nice to have everyone here including Baby. He was certainly aware that he was in a new place with different noises. Even so he was a perfect little one. I wanted to make a picture of the three grandsons together and here it is. The two older kids look like deer caught in the headlights. As James said, "Baby is sooo tiny. Even his hands are little." Baby decided this was the perfect opportunity to cry - he didn't like being put in his car seat.
Our daughter, Judy, called from Phoenix to wish me a happy Mother's Day. It was so good to hear her voice. She reports that our granddaughter is growing like a weed and doing new cute things every day. Darn, we're missing out on all of it. Judy did say that they intend to come here at Thanksgiving. That's a long time away but it's something to look forward to.
I think I'll just call it a night for now. It seems a little lazy breeds even more lazy - I'm in real trouble. Let's all have a fun Tuesday.


SOUL said...

hmmm.. that doesn't sound so typical .. not with the new addition. babies amaze me.
looks like you need to go buy a baby swing to add to your collection of toys and grand-kid stuff there at your place. every kid in our family LOVED the swing.

anyhow-- thanks for stoppin by yesterday-- i'll try to get un-crabby soon. :))

happy tuesday-

Cheryl said...

What a great picture of your boys. Before you know it the baby will be running around with his older cousins.

Mary said...

Soul, Baby was being put in his car seat in prep to leave. Maybe he was crying because he didn't want to leave. Reckon?

jAMiE said...

They are handsome aren't they..nice pic.

C.A. said...

I adore that picture, Mary! In years to come, everyone will look back at it and smile, seeing how tiny baby was!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I love babies! And your grandchildren are just adorable!!
Naturally all babies cry before departing and when inserted into that strappy annoyance..