Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Slipped Away

I think today was Monday but it went by so quickly that I can't be sure. Tomorrow is trash and "lawn stuff" pick-up day and I didn't get the hedges and various bushes trimmed. I'll wait a few days now because I don't want the brush on the curb all week. Trimming is a Monday job.

Harry and I went out to visit our new grandbaby this morning. Sarah is doing really well and Baby is just a dream baby. This was the first day Buddy had to work and he had trouble leaving. He will work this week and then be home the next. Baby went to doctor to be checked today and he's doing well - gaining weight and all tests are perfect. Blessings are upon us. Mommy and Daddy plan Baby's first outing to be to Nana's house for Mother's Day. If all the kids -both big and little - can be here, I'll be a happy old woman. I don't much like lonesome Sundays.

We shipped three boxes of live coral this afternoon. They are packed in plastic bags containing tank water, then in insulated boxes, and shipped FedEx overnight. I have to say that FedEx has done an excellent job for us. Only once did the coral have to lay over and that was due to a blizzard. Certainly not the fault of FedEx.

It's late and I'm beat. Harry has been in bed sawing logs for over an hour. I think I'll join him and have a snoring contest. I hope everyone is having a good evening/night. Later, my friends.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

is your rubbish outside yet?
Our garbage day is wed and whereas we have to pay for stickers to sit on trash I have the same thoughts with brush and leaves and sticks...wait to place them in the bags until at least sunday because otherwise they'll sit in our garage all week taking up space...makes me goofy.

Onto other things, that's wonderful that you'll have your newest grandchild at the legends of all house-yours..I bet his mom will write it down on a calendar to capture the first time at your house. :) So cute!

Here's to a lovely rest of the week and a rested nights sleep!

Cheryl said...

Tuesday is trash and yard waste day here too. We have to put masking tape 'X's' on the yard waste bags. I have 3 bags at the curb today. I'm so sore from all the work!

I hope you post Mother's Day pictures. I'm so happy you'll have your brood under your roof.

Happy day, Mary.

Jamie said...

I'm so happy that baby and mom and whole family is doing well. Yes, you are blessed.

The coral sounds so interesting, but I know so little about it, other than it's beautiful.

Happy Tuesday! :)

Happyone said...

My Monday zipped right by too - it seems most days are like that!! :-)
Glad to hear your new grandson and family doing so well. I'm sure you will have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!