Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I'll start by saying that I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day - Either with your own mother (How lucky you are) or with your own children (Can't you feel the pride?) or perhaps you can enjoy both your own mother and your children (This is a true blessing. Savor the moments.)

It's been a rushed time since late Friday evening. Tony won the Nationwide; I helped the grandsons paint a Mother's Day plate for their mommy; went to grocery (stress); had a confrontation with an idiot (more below); Tony was pushed into the wall on the second lap but still had a respectable finish in the Sprint Cup race; storms moved in; radar had a 'bow and a hook' . . looks bad . . 'red, purple, and black display' . . 'take cover NOW' . . transformer explodes across the way . . kitty looses her composure . . lots of hail, rain, wind, lightening, and Harry sleeping. Old ladies - like me - are worn out from all this. We had no damage on our lot but I'm sure some were not so lucky.

The confrontation: Waiting at a traffic light in a long line of cars . . light only allows three cars through on each light if everyone hurries . . I'm at least nine cars back . . Idiot in car behind me starts blowing horn the minute the light turns green and doesn't stop until it is red again . . then he slings his hands around and yells . . this happens through three lights . . fourth light the car in front of me hesitates (elderly lady driving) . . caught again . .Idiot jumps out of his car and stomps up to car in front of me . . yelling, waving hands, red face . . stomps back to my car . . Idiot knocks on my window . . I ignore . . Idiot hits window hard . . I open window just a little . . Idiot tells me he wants me to push the old *%&#@^ across the street when light changes again . . "Old people should be shot" . . I want him to shut up, get back in his car, quit blowing his horn, and when the light changes I want him to go the hell back wherever he came from. People here don't act like he's acting AND I TOLD HIM SO! When the light changed he passed me and the elderly lady in the intersection . . couldn't help noticing that he told us we number one as he drove off into the sunset.

Life is truly an adventure!

Again, Happy Mother's Day. I can hardly wait for all the kids - and baby - get here.


Brad said...

Happy Mother's Day dear. Hope your having a great day.

Summer said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day!
I am so sorry about that idiot incident.
Would you believe I was so dead tired that I slept through the bad weather last night. Didn't know anything about it until Armando told me about it this morning.

Big hug,

Mary said...

Michele both you and my Harry must have been in a comma. A transformer was hit by lightening on the street behind our house and blew up. Harry didn't wake up. I declare the noise was ear splitting!

Cheryl said...

What a lot of stress! That guy was an idiot and I'm just glad it didn't get any more out of hand.

I hope the rest of your day was only pleasant. You're a wonderful mom.

Happyone said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

It's been rainy and windy here since late yesterday afternoon. Flooding and another 2 inches expected today.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

now that is terribly scary.. HE couldve had a gun...I'd have phoned the police after capturing his license plate and screamed HARASSMENT!! WHat a complete tool.

as far as the race, that's wonderful!! Many Congratulations, although scary too for the slamming into the side..yikes! Is this what I have to look forward to?
AND lastly, the storms..I love how you captured it here, but I'm certain my heart would have been pounding clear out of my chest...someone pass me a valium..I'm glad you faired okay and the worse (lets hope!!) is over..that's scary..just seeing the sky like that would make my goosebumbs grow inches!!

Glad you're safe and a Happy Mothers day to you too!


jAMiE said...

i hope you had a happy mother's day Mary...!!!