Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend is Currently Underway

I didn't get to have 'play day' yesterday for a couple of reasons. 1.) Their maternal grandmother was off work and spent time with them. 2.) I was (and still am) resting my aches and pains as much as I can. 3.) Harry and I made a quick trip out to Baby's house. He has been having problems with his stomach. Parents took him to doctor yesterday. Diagnosis: reflux. We are so sorry the little angel is having a problem and pray the meds do their job of making him all well.

On a brighter note: Remember my writing about the boy next door who was helping me with the yard work? He is very much into photography as a new student and is doing some outstanding work. It's interesting to watch him try new techniques (of his own making) with his expensive equipment. One of the latest is using a special lens and a jeweler's loop. I'm so impressed. He also shot some pictures of our 225 gal reef that are very good. It's his first time to shoot through thick glass and moving water - it isn't as simple as pointing and clicking. I'm posting one of his reef pictures but don't feel comfortable posting any of the "special technique" pictures because they are specifically his.
As you can probably tell, I get a real high out of watching young people develop their special talents. I hope this particular young man continues with photography - he's that good.

I hope everyone has a happy, relaxing weekend. Thanks for stopping by.


Cheryl said...

Maybe he'll post a picture of his special work. I'd love to see what the pictures look like taken through a loop. Interesting!

Enjoy your day. We're looking at some bad storms around here. The sky is dark. I'm glad I'm at work.

Happyone said...

Sorry to hear the baby is having a bit of trouble. Hope he's feeling better real soon.

SOUL said...

me too, hope baby is ok.

and that photo looks really cool.
hope you have a nice eve, and the pains go away--

Brad said...

I've got clean sheets on the guest room bed dear - anytime your ready

Smocha said...


I also love it when kids have a passion. It's what they all need.

Sorry the baby is under the weather and you missed your play date.

Do those reefs take care of themselves ? or do you guys have to do anything to them?

(I know nothing about birthin no reefs!)

Happy Sunday!

Summer said...


I hope your pain will soon be gone. I've had some troubles myself with it lately.

Mary said...

Cheryl, I'll ask if it's OK for me to post one of the really unique pics.

Happyone, We think Baby will be fine. Like most of us, he just has to adjust to living in our world - and we have to adjust to him.

Brad, Look out, here I come.

Soul and Summer, I complain about pain but my pain isn't nearly as bad as you two suffer every day. I'm just a whimp!

Smocha, I don't know much about birthin' reefs either. Harry spends very little time with them - they are pretty well balanced. He does add water to maintain water levels, test to be sure chemical levels are stable, and clean the glass. All together he probably spends a total of 2 1/2 hours each week maintaining tanks.

Jamie said...

Beautiful pic Mary!

I hope you can take it easy today, just put your feet up and watch the race, K? It's never that simple, is it?

Have a very happy Sunday, my friend.

Hugs, and lots of them. :)

SOUL said...

just sayin howdy--