Thursday, May 29, 2008

Title? What Title?

Nothing like an old woman who forgets she's old. It can be painful if she tries to do things she did 20 years ago like stand on a stool and reach the third shelf or hand hubby a big toy to put on the top shelf in the storage closet. The doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer and pain meds for the next day or two. I'm thinking I can get a few things done while I'm on the meds and not feel the pain. We'll see.

My blog is so exciting that I can hardly stand it. NOT!! But tomorrow will be fun. Harry and I are going out to see Baby in the morning and tomorrow afternoon I have a play date with two handsome young men. Eat your heart out, girls.

I didn't get around to read blogs today so I'm closing my two cents worth (worth less than a penny) so I can visit your blogs and see what you all have been up to.


Brad said...

Sweets! Please be more carefull - take it easy dear.

Cheryl said...

I forget my age and wake up feeling about 85 years old every morning. I'm feeling that way right now.

Hope you feel better. You need your strength and energy for your little ones. Have fun!

Tee said...

I can totally relate to your pain. It's hard to remember your age when something needs to be done. I try to pace myself so I don't over do it, especially with my crystal hip (my hip replacement). I need to be careful not to damage it and I need to be careful not to over work those muscles, because they do get upset when that happens and they promptly let me know. Old age is fun. LOL!