Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Day On Our Street

Another day, another small section of yard work done. Didn't accomplish my goal though. The temp wasn't too bad today but the humidity was 75%. That was my cue to get inside and turn on the AC. I'll finish when mother nature quits playing with the thermostat. That said I'll leave the gardening subject.

Have I mentioned the cat that allows us to live with her? Her name is zinnia and she's a classic tortie. Our daughter, Ju-Ju had to have a kitten when she came to live with us. She and I looked for over a week and didn't find one free kitten. (She only wanted a free kitten because free kittens need good homes.) I'd never seen a time that there weren't kittens for the asking but that time we failed. That summer she was working at the local garden center near our house. She went to work the Monday morning after we'd called every vet in the phone book and the local shelter to no avail. What do you think greeted her but this kitten. It was under the zinnia flats and really pitiful. She called me at work and wanted to know if she could have the kitten - of course I told her yes. Well, long story short, the kitten was a real pain. She seemed to wait to see what you wanted her to do. That's exactly what she wouldn't do. Ju-Ju went away to college, met a young man, got married, and moved to Phoenix. I don't have to tell you who has the cat. She grew up to be a healthy kitty with an OK personality. She's 7 years old now and healthy. Not an interesting story but now you know Zinnia.

Goodnite, blog friends one and all. Hope your night is peaceful and full of sweet dreams.


Cheryl said...

Zinnia was just waiting for the right family. I like the name...maybe because I like zinnias. Maybe my bird was waiting for me?

Mary said...

Everything happens for a reason. That includes cats and birds.

SOUL said...

that is a very cool lookin cat.
it may be wrong, but i heard that all toriouse and calico cats are female.. do you know if that is true or not??
if it is, don't you think it to be strange? i do.
anyhow. i have a torty too.. but not the same colors as yours.. female.. you saw her .. fatty catty. :))
take it ez

Anonymous said...

Zinnia looks just like my cat, Tori, who is a classic torti also. Tori is 16 years old now but still active and healthy. She has to be..she has 5 "siblings"!