Sunday, October 21, 2007

Now Hubby Can Smile

In response to yesterday's post Hubby said that I didn't post a very good picture of him. The picture posted yesterday is one of my favorites. Just to make him smile, I'm posting another. He went fishing with our middle son and caught this thing. I've been told the fish is a striped bass. Soul, you'd know if that correct but I have no idea. The old truck belonged to the middle son, the fence is our next door neighbor's, and Hubby doesn't smoke anymore. (Thank goodness for that.)

It's Sunday and I have to get rolling. The kids will all be here early this afternoon. What should I feed them today? They will be happy with whatever I cook - or at least make me think they are.

Everyone have a fun Sunday and remember to be thankful for all your blessings.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you finally decided to post photos of both you and Harry. Great catch Harry,Mary Ruth and the fish. Mary Ruth your still a foxx. Cant wait to see you kids in Nov.

C.A. said...

I thought yesterday's picture of your husband was quite flattering! Good for him for stopping the smoking. ACK! I'm sure he's much healthier now. :)

Cheryl said...

What a huge fish! Did you eat it? I like the picture. We need to see one of you with a big smile on.

Mary said...

Cheryl, you should have seen the process of dressing that fish. . . the worst part he did outside but to finish the job he brought it into the kitchen. Harry did the honors of cooking the beast. After watching the dressing I couldn't eat it but those who did said it was good.

SOUL said...

what a FISH! holy cow. yep a striped bass. i have never caught one of those.. and i have especially never caught any fish that size.. is that his biggest catch?

nice. very nice.
and good job on the quitting smoking.

i have tried and failed. i'm a nasty smoker. i quit when i was pregnant, but always found an excuse to pick em back up. oh well- maybe some day.