Monday, October 22, 2007


I don't have any stories to tell this evening. It's been a long day of working in the yard and there's still work to be done. It is raining in the area but not on our side of town. A little town about 15 miles away had over 2 inches of rain but we had zilch. Perhaps the next band of rain will honor us.

At least four fellow bloggers are planning trips and it's making me dream up places I'd like to travel. Jackson Hole, WY, is on my mind tonight. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Believe me it's no fun to fly out of their airport. The plane has to squeeze through the saddle and those peaks are darn close together.

Now, Self, don't get into writing a long post about a memory - just pour yourself a big glass of ice water, get comfortable, and chill out. Tomorrow's another yard work day - weather permitting.

Everyone take care, have a good night, and think good thoughts.


Cheryl said...

Hi Mary,

It's so dry here. I've been neglectful to my garden. We might get some rain on Wednesday; I hope so. If I could travel, where would it be to? Hmmm... No travel plans anytime soon. My 2 week summer vacation was it for a while. I'll be focusing on the holidays soon.

SOUL said...


want my chi-town ticket? it's gonna be sooo cold...i'm so dreading it. i'm just kiddin tho. no backin out now. i do wanna go... but it was cold and wet here and i am just not that type of person. i must me warm or i am just flat out miserable.
anyhow. i am tryin to play catchup.. as usual.

jackson hole eh? i bet that's even colder than chicago???hmmm... just send me to the bahamas!

Anonymous said...
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Cheryl said...

Hi M,

That stone circle was from an old Girl Scout fire ring. I meant to write that. My backyard was a perfect place for campfires!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Hi Mary! I loved your comment today..and your post has me dreaming of a vacation..somewhere with my coffee, books, and surf..or I'd be happy to go permitting of course!!