Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Whirlwind is Over

I believe the whirlwind is over. The past three days have been a blur. No, I haven't been ill. Things have just been coming at me fast and I'm a slow old gal. First thing this morning the middle son and oldest grandson came by for a few minutes. The grandson and I built an airplane with Lego blocks and talked. Afterwards it was a rush for Harry and me to shower and primp-up to go to the reef club meeting. I hate to admit that I didn't cook for the potluck lunch as I always do but there just wasn't time. Instead I had the local deli prepare a large cheese sampler tray. It saved time but I won't make a habit of doing that. I felt like I was cheating.

The meeting was held at the Coral Reef Aquatics shop. Johnny, the owner, makes the club welcome - the atmosphere is almost like meeting in some one's home. Most of the long time members were there as well as some new reefers. I was glad to see everyone and chat for a bit before the real reef talk started. I know very little about the technical aspects of reefing and can contribute nothing to the "reef-talk" so I went to the car to read. When the meeting was winding down I visited with the folks again. The club is a really nice group. Everyone gets along, helps each other, shares information freely, and above all makes everyone feel welcome. Even dummies like me.

I have to admit that I took a nap after we got home. I laid down on the loveseat in the room where Harry was watching a NASCAR race and dozed off and on for a long time. Yes, I can lay comfortably on the loveseat since I'm barely 5'1". Anyway, I'm awake now and feel none the worse for the wear and tear of the last day or so. Tomorrow is the day all our kids will be here (both the big ones and the little ones) and they'll just have to wade through the clutter. Tonight is NOT the night that I'll do anything except maybe watch a little television and read.

I had a phone message from my nephew in California when we got home today. The fire was within four miles of their home. I know his family is suffering from the bad air quality, fall out, and just general stress. I'm thankful that the family is safe and their home is intact. He's always optimistic and chooses to see the best in everything. At times his life hasn't been easy but he just moves onward and upward. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and homes.


Cheryl said...

My brother has a live rock tank. Is that what it's called? It's beautiful. He's also a big Nascar fan. Do the two things go together?

What's on the menu for the Sunday dinner? I think it's great that you see the family every week.

Summer said...

When you write about the reef I always think of Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band. Ha!

I'm like Cheryl, I want to know what's for dinner!

Mary said...

Cheryl, Your brother's tank is a reef if he has live, growing coral and fish. They are beautiful and are far away from NASCAR. My opinion is that it's an accident of nature when the two are combined. But then, opposites do attract.

Summer and Cheryl, Dinner will be simple. Fresh green salad, homemade potato soup, and cubacintos (sub-like sandwiches on cuban bread). I'll have a cheese and fruit tray with wheat thins and triscits for munching. Of course, there's soft drinks, fruit juice, and beer to drink. If anyone wants something sweet there's ice cream.

I had to laugh when I re-read the above. It reminds me of the old HEE HAW show where Grandpa would stand at the window and tell the world "whuts fer supper"

SOUL said...

wow.. i was gonna say somethin..then i read the comments i'm all hungry and distracted and forgot what i was gonna say!!! i love food. i really am surprised i don't weigh three hundred pounds. everyone i know nags at me to eat... but i really DO eat. oh well. i love food. and everything you mentioned here sounds great. send me some????

ok anyhow.. back on track--- maybe.... sorry about your nephew... i have another blog pal with family out there..also close to the fires. it's scary stuff. i hope your nephew is ok, and gets out of this alright.

the meeting sounded good. i woulda done the same thing. had the food, and hid out in the car. :))

i chuckled when you used the word reefer too. :)) i wonder who didn't?

ok..that's about all i remember.
not bad for a ole senile soul slug eh?
happy day to ya

Cheryl said...

Now I'll know it's called a reef tank. It's really beautiful. There's a bench in front of it and a favorite place to hang out and watch. He's had it for years, and it's pristine.

I was reading today's post and wondering what cubacintos were. Now I know. I love any kind of good bread. Dinner sounded wonderful, even without the soup.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I agree with Soul...I had to smile about that word..:)...

The fires, oh my gosh, so painful to read and see but it's so real too. I hope your nephew is doing okay!!

Lego's with the have great patience..those things are tricky if they want to "make whats on the box.." takes me awhile to figure it all out..

Hope dinner was good..I again laughed about reef only because you used that and food in the same post...munchies!!